How to Bake Lobster

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How to Bake Lobster Tails
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Lobster offers a sweet taste with a texture and unrivaled juiciness that seafood lovers crave. In most parts of the country, lobster is usually reserved for special occasions, but high-quality frozen lobster tails like ours make ocean-fresh lobster possible anytime. And one of the easiest methods to make them? Believe it or not – baking! Here’s how to bake lobster.

About World Port Seafood Lobster: The lobsters are responsibly wild-caught from the frigid waters off the coast of Maine and quickly frozen soon after catch to deliver unto you the freshest taste, texture, and color imaginable. While frozen fresh, every ounce of delicious lobster tail is masterfully curated and prepped for effortless at-home cooking at our first-class fisheries by only the most experienced hands in the business. 


How to Thaw Lobster

Each lobster tail has been prepped and delivered for a decidedly no-stress cooking experience. When opening your box, you’ll notice each lobster tail has been individually vacuum-sealed. Primarily done for safety and preservation, this also affords you the convenience of thawing only as many as you need… that is if you even want to thaw. You see, when choosing to bake your lobster, you place them in your oven straight from the freezer. Naturally, your tails will take longer to cook, but if you have the time and live for convenience then you’ll be happy to know this is an option.

If you decide to thaw your lobster tails prior to baking, World Port Seafood recommends thawing them gradually in the refrigerator overnight for the best results. This allows the meat to acclimate naturally to its new temperature without any damage to the taste or texture. For faster thawing, you can place each individually wrapped lobster tail in cold water for 30-60 minutes, replacing the water after 30 minutes to maintain the cold temperature. Never thaw lobster tails under hot water as that will thaw them unevenly and present you with a sub-par taste.


How to Bake Lobster

There’s no denying that baking is one of the easiest methods to cook, and it produces incredible results with lobster! While your oven preheats to 450º, brush each tail with a light coating of butter and wrap each in aluminum foil. Place them on a baking sheet – with meat side up – on a center rack in the oven. If your tails are thawed, bake for 12-15 minutes. If your tails are frozen, set your timer anywhere from 35-40 minutes. For our Maine Lobster Tail Halves, bake them from 15-16 minutes. When the lobster meat is white and no longer translucent, you know your meal has finished cooking. Enjoy!


Other Lobster Cooking Methods