Grilling With a Cast Iron Skillet

  • by Omaha Steaks
burger with tomatoes, blue cheese, onions, and bacon

You can grill a burger the traditional way (on a charcoal grill)… the flavor is out of this world. You can cook a burger inside on a cast iron pan… the crispy sear you’ll get is even better than your favorite restaurant.


But why can’t you have both? Here’s how to make a burger using a cast iron pan ON your grill.


Cooking burgers on a cast iron pan on the grill creates a dual-cooking scenario that will set your burger apart from the rest. Of course, start with high-quality 100% beef burgers of significant size, something like Omaha Steaks Private Reserve® Angus Burgers. Don’t do anything fancy to the patties, and season them simply with salt and pepper.


  1. Prepare your grill as usual. For cooking in a pan, there’s no need to make a two- or three-zone fire… arrange your lit charcoal evenly.
  2. Place your cast iron pan on the grill for 5 or 10 minutes before you add any food to let it come up to temperature.
  3. Cook your burgers directly on the pan surface, flipping once or twice and keeping the lid closed in between flips.
  4. Top burgers with cheese (if you’re using cheese) a couple of minutes before removing burgers from the pan.


About Cast Iron


Cast iron skillets are formed from a single piece of metal, which provides for an even distribution of heat — something you just don’t get from your charcoal grill alone. Because cast iron is seasoned with a non-stick coating, the clean-up is much easier than that of a traditional barbecue.


Just wipe the skillet with a damp rag and you’re ready to fire up the grill again! How easy is that? Here’s how to season a cast iron pan. The skillet has plenty of space to toast buttered buns, crisp bacon and grill onions too. Just be sure to leave the lid off the grill if you’re cooking items in addition to your burgers; that way, you can keep on eye on them.

Grilling With a Cast Iron Skillet

Burger, Better!

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Grilling With a Cast Iron Skillet