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Gifts for Dad’s Birthday: A Guy’s Guide


He says he doesn’t want anything for his birthday. He always says that. Whether the father in question is your dad, your husband, your son, or someone else, the story’s always the same. But, fear not – gifts for dads are actually easy. Here’s what to do:

A Day Off

Call his boss and convince him or her to let your favorite dad take the day off. This one works best if you can do it unannounced… so he starts getting ready for work and then “SURPRISE! You’re actually doing fun stuff today. Love, your family.” Do your favorite things together, make and eat a great meal together… take it easy! The surprise and joy will last Dad another year.

A Hobby

Some dads already have hobbies, and that’s perfect – you know what to do. Nothing. Don’t touch it. He knows more about it than you, and probably has an eye on a better version than what you’re thinking of. The best thing to do is to give him something new to do, like a new smoker for barbecue or some new gear for grilling. A starter set of some kind doesn’t put to much pressure on, but makes piques a guy’s interest and motivation.

Time With You

It’s all he really wants. Whether he’s the type to say it or not, time with family is number one. Arrange an afternoon or event where the real purpose is to hang together – go to the zoo, head to the park, or plan a backyard cookout where he’s the star. Even if he ends up doing the grilling for the group (hint: he wants to), the memories are what he’ll take away.

A Steak Dinner

Obviously, we’re biased here. But that’s why Omaha Steaks does what it does. We’re the number one birthday gift for dads for one simple reason: dads love steak. It’s in their blood. It’s what they want. An Omaha Steaks package delivers the best steaks, sides, and more that he’ll love. Our Dad Department has dad gifts meant to share, and gifts meant to hoard… you know, whatever he’s into.



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