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How to Fight Shrinkflation at the Grocery Store by Shopping Omaha Steaks


Did you know nearly half of all Americans throw out meat every month?* Making your money go further is more important than ever, especially now that shrinkflation is everywhere you look. At Omaha Steaks, we’re taking a different approach with “yumflation,” offering larger portions and better quality than ever before. In current economic times, you may be wondering why we’d choose to get bigger while other manufacturers are concealing higher prices by providing smaller sizes in their packages.

Brian Fowler, Vice President of Procurement and Product Development at Omaha Steaks, and his team are driving the strategy to deliver more to our customers. “My job is to ensure that we have an amazing assortment of products to give our customers great experiences in every single bite,” shares Fowler. “We’re seeing other companies shrinking the sizes of their proteins, giving you smaller portions to keep the price the same or minimize the price increase. We’re taking a different approach. We’re doubling down on value.”

What is Shrinkflation?

These days, getting less for your money seems to be the going trend. The “food at home” Consumer Price Index has risen more than 11% over the past year – the largest increase since 1979. “Shrinkflation” refers to manufacturers shrinking product size and quality as a tactic to offset rising costs. When prices go up, consumers notice and experience sticker shock. But when the price stays the same, it’s not always apparent that the weight of the product has decreased or there are fewer items in a package.

Shrinkflation Examples at the Grocery Store

  • Thinner cereal boxes
  • Half gallon containers (64 oz.) reduced to 59 oz.
  • Fewer sheets per roll on toilet paper
  • Package redesigns to hide shrinking sizes
  • Smaller single-serve yogurt cups and candy bars
  • Fewer items per package

With tactics this subtle, it’s no wonder it’s usually not obvious to consumers that sizes are shrinking.

While others shrink product size and quality to offset rising costs, Omaha Steaks is going BIGGER and BETTER with larger portions and improved products. Fowler explains, “We’re increasing the size of our portions – bigger steaks, bigger burgers, bigger chicken – because we want to give our customers more of what they already love. Rather than being scared and shrinking our products, we’re giving our customers more.”

Why Are We Making Bigger Portions?

Our mission is to deliver exceptional experiences that bring people together. “We listen to our customers. We want to hear what they love and maybe what they didn’t love. And we’re always evaluating products ourselves as well. If it’s not good enough to serve our families, it’s not good enough to serve our customer’s family,” Fowler shares. “We have to be sure that we are carrying on the 105-year legacy of quality every single time with every single product that delivers. And that’s paramount to us.”

Our bigger and better portions include:

  • No wimpy burgers! Our Gourmet Burgers are now a minimum of 6 oz. for maximum bun coverage.
  • Exclusive Butcher’s Cut steaks cut thicker and taller than our traditional steaks for more even cooking.
  • Larger chicken breast portions for perfect protein in every package.
  • A new 8 oz. Butcher’s Cut Pork Chop, cut from heritage-breed Duroc pork. A bigger size and even bigger flavor than our traditional pork chop.

When asked how Omaha Steaks can offer more value in current inflationary economic times, Fowler explains, “We’re able to leverage our scale and buying power, as well as being vertically integrated. By really owning our process, we’re able to deliver unparalleled value, just as we have for 105 years, and that doesn’t change, regardless of the economic situation that we’re in. We’re asking our customers, in some cases, to invest a little bit more up front. What we’re giving them is even more value. And value means consistency, quality, and experience in every single bite.”

New and Innovative Products at Omaha Steaks

Fowler explains how he and his product team are dedicated to constantly improving by relentlessly pursuing innovation. “We look at every part of our assortment and say, ‘What can we do better?’ If there’s any ability to improve it, we’re always doing that.”

In 2022, we’ve added incredible new products and upgrades to existing offerings, including our:

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Fowler concludes, “Value means consistency and quality and experience in every single bite. That is critical for us to deliver. The reality is consumers’ money isn’t going as far as it used to. We have to be sure we’re giving them more in every single package, in every single box, in order for them to have a great experience with us and for us to earn their trust. That’s what we’re working hard to do every single day.”

While others cut back, Omaha Steaks is committed to giving you more. Our products are bigger and better at a value you’ll love. We deliver the very best meat, every time. Guaranteed. Read Omaha Steaks reviews to see what our customers love about our meat and gourmet food products.

*Survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Omaha Steaks, March 2-8, 2022, among 2,006 adults ages 18 and older.

How to Fight Shrinkflation at the Grocery Store by Shopping Omaha Steaks

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