Frozen is Fresh: Why Omaha Steaks Beef is Better

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We talk a lot about flash freezing our steaks, but does it actually help us deliver a fresher, better-tasting cut of meat to your door?

There’s no way to be modest here…


Here’s how:

Less breakdown

As meat freezes, the water content turns to ice crystals. When frozen slowly, like in your home freezer, the ice crystals are large. Large ice crystals rupture the muscle cells, causing a major loss of juiciness once it’s thawed and cooked. Our process turns water to ice in an instant, so the crystals have no time to expand. The result is meat frozen exactly as it was, with color, texture, and flavor uncompromised.

flash Frozen

Omaha Steaks Flash Freezer

Colder, windier

A normal freezer is essentially a cold compartment or room with still or slow-moving air that hovers around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Our flash freezer operates at -40 degrees and whooshes clean, cold air at almost 30 miles per hour. This fast, frigid air penetrates the steaks and freezes them immediately.

Airless storage

Omaha Steaks individual vacuum-sealed packaging means that your steak arrives exactly as it was the day it was cut. You’ll only need to thaw what you’re going to cook at that moment, leaving the rest of your purchase frozen in time and lying perfectly in wait.

Frozen in time

Every Omaha Steaks cut is naturally aged for at least 21 days. This is proven to be the length of time it takes to get the juiciest, most flavorful, and most tender steaks. When we flash freeze, that peak moment is preserved until you’re ready to prepare. It’s like a pause button for nature’s perfection process.

At your local grocery, most of the steaks are barely or never aged. Each cut will be placed in the counter with a guess at when you might buy it, but you’ll never know exactly when your food was cut or when it’ll taste best.

So, when we talk about flash freezing, we’re not just talking about being cool. We’re saying that every steak we deliver has been aged to perfection, instantly frozen to preserve that perfect moment, and individually sealed to make certain it arrives exactly as you expect.