Convenient Grocery Delivery During the Pandemic

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​Now more than ever, Omaha Steaks is meeting an important need as more and more consumers are searching for a safe and convenient method of purchasing groceries. Grocery delivery is not a new service, however consumer behavior and attitudes about it have shifted in recent times.

Consumer Grocery Shopping Trends

According to a survey conducted by The National Retail Federation (NRF) a staggering 83-percent of respondents said convenience was more important now than 5 years ago.

In fact, convenience was so important to the NRF respondents, that 66-percent said they already pay for a shipping delivery service, while 63-percent said they’re willing to pay a premium for convenience when they’re buying groceries.

Food Delivery + Omaha Steaks

While many brands will certainly try and shift their business model to accommodate these new findings, Omaha Steaks has been providing customers across the country with shopping convenience for over 100 years, with options like:

  • A wide variety of foods to choose from
  • Beef that is sourced from the Heartland
  • Meals that are easy to prepare and a joy to share
  • Packages that are expertly packed and safely shipped to your door

It’s no wonder American families have trusted Omaha Steaks to provide them with food delivery in 2020. Stocking the freezer with Omaha Steaks makes sense and provides consumers with a convenient and safe method of purchasing groceries. But even when the pandemic subsides and we all return to a sense of “old normalcy,” consumers will still expect their favorite stores and brands to continue with their emphasis on convenience because it will have become a staple of the “new normal.”

And Omaha Steaks will most certainly be ready.

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Convenient Grocery Delivery During the Pandemic

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