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The Best Gift for Everyone You Know. And We Mean Everyone.


Well, folks, ready or not, the season of gift-giving has arrived, regardless of which holiday you celebrate.

By now, you’ve probably already seen a lot of gift guides emerge proclaiming that they’ve picked the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, only to suggest things too ordinary or too zany. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve seen a couple of great guides out there — but at the end of the day, why overthink your gift-giving? Instead, give the gift everyone wants: food!

In all seriousness, food gifts are always a great option because who doesn’t love something tasty this time of year? And, even better, at Omaha Steaks we really do have the best gift for everyone on your list:


Custom Meals

This is the Best Gift for Everyone You Know (And We Mean Everyone)

There’s a reason this is our most popular gift! Customization is key when it comes to sending the perfect gift, particularly if your recipient has specific preferences for their favorite steak, dietary restrictions, or would benefit from a host of easy meals that they can make during the busiest time of the year. (For example: our super-popular Slow Cooker Meals.)

Shop Custom Combos & Meals here.

Perfect for: Parents, in-laws, children, close friends and relatives, employees… depending on how you customize, anyone! The sky’s the limit.


King’s Court

This is the Best Gift for Everyone You Know (And We Mean Everyone)

The ultimate luxury steak gift (at an unbeatable price for the season, too, we should add).

Shop King’s Court here.

Perfect for: Your spouse, Dad, or even yourself — whichever special carnivore in your life truly deserves this serious amount of steak.


Gift Baskets

This is the Best Gift for Everyone You Know (And We Mean Everyone)

The sheer selection of gift baskets we boast could be seen as overwhelming (or just plain awesome), but don’t worry — we can help you narrow down your options with one swift tip: choose whether wine, steaks, or gourmet snacks will be the focus of the basket. Then it’s as easy as sending it on its merry way. (Bonus: free shipping!)

Shop Gift Baskets here.

Perfect for: Out-of-town friends and non-nuclear family, your in-laws, your host or hostess at a holiday party, or everyone at your office as they’ll inevitably snack on the basket contents leading up to your days off.


Private Reserve®

This is the Best Gift for Everyone You Know (And We Mean Everyone)

Our best steaks at the best price. Selecting a few perfectly aged Private Reserve® steaks is a great choice for anyone who wants something similar to King’s Court, but doesn’t need so much volume.

Shop Private Reserve® here.

Perfect for: You and your spouse, best friend, in-laws, or parents. Pretty much anyone who likes the best beef ever.


Surf & Turf

This is the Best Gift for Everyone You Know (And We Mean Everyone)

Have a friend or family member who loves seafood with their steak? Any of our Surf & Turf Combos will give them a meal that’s the best of both worlds. Maybe they’re even the type to want something as unique as our Private Reserve® Steak & Live Lobster Experience (yes, you read that right: Live Lobster). Either way, these combos are the perfect marriage of land and sea for your more adventurous giftee.

Shop Surf & Turf here.

Perfect for: That friendly couple who’s half-carnivore, half-pescatarian, Mom and Dad who’ve always wanted to try lobster with their steak, or you and your significant other in need of a holiday date night.


Kitchen Supply

This is the Best Gift for Everyone You Know (And We Mean Everyone)

The seasonal savings on our Kitchen Supply tools are a great choice for gift swaps, stocking stuffers, or for steak-lovers who want beer glasses that proclaim their undying devotion to protein.

Shop Kitchen Supply here.

Perfect for: Your best guy friend, that home chef-turned-food-blogger you know, your boss who loves to grill, and anyone who thinks a steak ornament is the cutest thing ever.


Gift Cards & (Bonus!) Stocking Stuffers

This is the Best Gift for Everyone You Know (And We Mean Everyone)

Give the gift of choice with a gift card, or stick to what everyone loves: stocking stuffers like chocolates (shaped like T-Bones!), ornaments, and more.

Shop Gift Cards and Stocking Stuffers.

Perfect for: Literally anyone and everyone. Bosses, coworkers, employees, your friends, that lady from the gym, anyone.


Don’t mess around with millions of gift guides this year. Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list at Omaha Steaks — then, revel in your giftee’s glee when they tell you how happy (and full) they are.

Happy gifting!


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