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Great Gift Ideas for Employee Milestones


It’s no secret that people everywhere want to know their contributions at work not only make a difference, but are also valued and appreciated. Taking the time to honor and recognize important moments will not only foster a sense of belonging for your employees, but also ownership in the company. This, of course, can lead to improved morale, better retention, and even help with recruitment.

Milestones like length of service, company anniversaries, retirement, even seasonal incentive programs deserve meaningful recognition!

This begs the question: what’s the best way to celebrate these achievements? Sure, you could always default to a plaque, fountain pen, or engraved watch, but these are your employees – the lifeblood of your business. You should aim to give them something more personal, like an experience they can share with family or friends.

The Gift of Choice

A thoughtful way to celebrate a big win or momentous milestone is by letting your employee choose their own gift. With Omaha Steaks Custom Certificates, you select a variety of assortments that fit within your pre-determined price point and filled with tender steaks, ultra-juicy burgers, easy meals, flawless seafood and so much more. The certificate can be printed with your own personal message and logo, then sent directly to your employee. Then, they can easily choose their package from the comfort of their own home.

Company Milestone Gifts

A large energy company wanted to celebrate its 15-year anniversary with a gift for all 2000+ employees. Omaha Steaks developed a custom certificate with 7 gourmet selections. The design of the certificate was completely customized with the client’s logo and a redemption landing page was developed. These certificates were mailed individually to each employee.

The gift was very well received with hundreds of satisfied employees. The client was very pleased with the results and achieved its goal of rewarding its employees of the 15-year company anniversary.

Remember, your mom said it best: it’s the thought that counts! And it’s as true today as it was all those years ago. Show your employees just how important they are to your business by giving them a thoughtful, meaningful, and delicious gift from Omaha Steaks. Contact our Business Services Team for more ideas and details at 1-800-228-2480 or email

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