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Build Loyalty with These 4 Customer Appreciation Tips


Acquiring new customers for your business is expensive. But repeat customers are more profitable than new ones — so it’s important to show your current customers you care. To do this efficiently, create loyalty strategies that resonate with your customers. When you make a positive impression, customers will return often and your bottom line will grow. More good news: setting up loyalty strategies doesn’t have to be hard. These four tactics will get you started.


Exceed Expectations

When your customers feel undervalued, they’ll move on to your competition. Luckily, it’s easy to exceed their expectations. Since most customers don’t expect special treatment, a little extra goes a long way. For instance, don’t just say “thank you” when a loyal customer buys from you — send a handwritten note, offer a personalized discount, or go big with an experiential reward. These little gestures can make a huge difference. And it’s hard for customers to switch to the competition after you’ve been so thoughtful.


Prioritize Perks for Long-Term Customers

Because you’re always looking for new business, it’s easy to get wrapped up in creating the perfect discount or perk for new customers. But don’t forget about the loyal ones. Consider that current customers spend an average of 67 percent more than new customers. Try to give small tokens of appreciation to long-term customers to show that you’re loyal to them in return. These don’t need to be physical gifts. Use a points program for your existing customers. Or offer VIP memberships with special perks. Customer appreciation gifts keep loyal followers from feeling slighted by “new customer” offers, and they add value to your relationship. Since it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one, loyalty programs make good business sense.


Encourage Appreciation with Engagement

Customers feel appreciated when they feel heard, and they’ll be heard when they don’t: more than 1 million people view tweets about customer service every single week. That means online customer engagement on social channels is key to keeping your customers happy and loyal. Make it clear your business is listening to existing customers by:

  • Replying quickly and professionally to comments or criticisms
  • Creating surveys about your products or services
  • Posting non-sales content consistently


Personalize Your Appreciation

Customers are individuals. But that doesn’t mean you need to show your appreciation with different gifts for everyone. Offering your customers a choice goes a long way. One great way to give an impactful, highly personalized gift is with Omaha Steaks Custom Certificates, which let customers choose their own gift from multiple gourmet entrees you pre-select. Whether your loyal customers love juicy steak or crave something sweeter, you’ll be sending the perfect gift. So the next time you want to “wow” your long-term customers look into these unique Omaha Steaks Business Gifts.

Loyalty That Makes Them Feel Like Royalty

Give your customers a meaningful gift to show you appreciate their business.

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