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The Omaha Steaks Difference!

Previous Page 1. Grain-fed Beef.
Superior to grazing or grass-feeding, grain-feeding imparts superior marbling, flavor and tenderness.

2. USDA Inspected.
All Omaha Steaks must pass a series of rigid tests - your assurance of the finest quality meat products.

3. Naturally Aged.
An exacting process that unlocks the full flavor and tenderness of fine beef.

4. Trimmed by Hand.
Our expert steak cutters carve each Omaha Steak by hand. Notice the consistency of your steaks, crowned with just the right exterior marbling to enhance the flavor of each cut.

5. Vacuum-Wrapped.
Each Omaha Steak is individually packed in our air-tight vacuum process. This allows you to store Omaha Steaks much longer without freezer burn, then thaw just the number of steaks you need.

6. Flash-Frozen.
Immediately after wrapping, Omaha Steaks are flash-frozen to capture freshness and flavor at their peak.

7. Friendly Expert Service.
When you call or visit Omaha Steaks, you will instantly receive the attention you deserve. Our friendly Steak Experts know Omaha Steaks, and they'll be happy to answer your questions, help make selections, and offer tips from their own experience.
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