5 Ways to Win the Corporate Gift-Giving Game

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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas
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Buying corporate gifts for large groups of people presents a unique challenge. You need cost-effective gifts that are available in large quantities. But you also need to give gifts that are meaningful and personal. This might sound impossible — but it isn’t! Whether you’re buying for 10 employees or 10,000, follow these tips and you’re sure to make a lasting impression.


1. Good Gift Giving Makes A Difference

Many businesses have deemed gifts an “unnecessary expense.” But effective gifts are worth the cost because they make big impressions. In fact, gifts make it twice as likely you’ll gain or retain business from the recipients. Your unique corporate gift ideas don’t need big price tags. They only need to be different and meaningful — and that means going beyond the usual. Unexpected gifts, like gourmet food, let you give thoughtfully without eating into your bottom line.


2. Give on Their Schedule — Not Yours

Holidays are a popular time to give corporate gifts. Consider giving unique gifts year-round to let people know you care. Giving gifts outside the holiday season will have a bigger impact. A night out for Valentine’s Day, tickets to a summer sporting event or some delicious meat for a Labor Day cookout — these are all great examples of giving uniquely throughout the year.

Of course, you should still recognize business accomplishments. Call attention to a newly formed partnership. Congratulate your recipient on a completed project. Whatever the occasion, remind recipients you’re thinking of them frequently, not just handing out gifts because it’s a certain time of year.


3. Make the Presentation Pop

Giving unique corporate gifts is certainly important. How you present those gifts is equally meaningful. Personalize your presentation with a handwritten note, or consider other gift-giving basics like wrapping paper that includes your company’s logo. Customized gifts associate your brand with a positive, lasting memory.


4. Perfectly Personalizing Your Gift

You’re giving gifts to different people, but that doesn’t mean you need to choose a different gift for each and every person. People appreciate options, so offering choices is a great way to make a gift more personal. With Omaha Steaks Custom Certificates, everyone has options to meet their personal taste so it’s easy to make everyone happy.


5. Simplify With Structure

The last thing you or your busy employees want is more work. Giving corporate gifts should be simple and streamlined for your department. Understanding the occasion you’re giving for makes choosing the right gift a lot easier. And when you use Omaha Steaks for your business gifts, we’ll take care of everything from personalized messages to the perfect packaging to on-time delivery.

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