Spread Holiday Cheer with Better Staff Gifts

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Holiday gift giving can be daunting. With tight budgets and many people to please, it can be hard to motivate yourself to even get started. But when your employees feel appreciated this time of year — whether your employee base is a few people or a few hundred — it’s good business. And when you plan ahead, showing appreciation doesn’t need to be complicated.


Determine Key Players

Bring your key decision-makers on board at the beginning of the project – from administrators to account managers to accounting – for a good start and to keep things moving smoothly. Make sure everyone understands your plan, process and timeline. Assign specific tasks, keep your communication clear, and hold everyone accountable.


Decide Your Budget

Price is a pain point for most businesses, and budgets can vary widely when it comes to employee gift giving. Whether your budget allows a lot or a little isn’t what’s important—it’s your thoughtfulness that counts. And while group gifts can help spread your budget further, individual gifts can make a big impact. (But, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to giving cheap marketing swag as a holiday gift for everyone in the office.)

Instead, start by deciding what you can afford to spend per employee. There’s a solution for every budget during the holidays­ — even if it requires some creativity (like a box of hand-cut, perfectly marbled steaks or a delicious dessert everyone can enjoy).


Do Your Research

Now for the fun part: Find vendors with unique gifts that fall within your budget. Gifts that will give your employees a unique experience are rising in popularity. For example, Omaha Steaks Custom Certificates let each member of your staff choose their own gift from a list of gourmet meal options. It’s something their whole family will enjoy — and your employees will appreciate it.


Deliver on Time

Because holidays are a busy time for both businesses and shipping services, advanced planning is important. Once you determine what you’d like to give employees, decide how involved you want to be in the gift-giving process. Do you want to personally deliver gifts to every employee? Would you prefer gifts to be delivered to their doorsteps? Your decision will likely affect your timeline — and your budget.

When you plan in advance you’ll be able to shop around for companies that offer extras, like bulk discounts and free shipping. And you’ll be able to set a specific date you want your gifts delivered — a luxury you won’t have if you wait until the last minute to finalize your plans. Get started early so you can breathe easy knowing your gift will arrive on time.


And if all of this has you feeling overwhelmed, let Omaha Steaks Business Gifts take care of everything for you this year. From gift selection to custom packaging to delivery, we can help.

Spread Holiday Cheer with Better Staff Gifts

Spread Some Cheer

Give your employees a meaningful gift this holiday season!