Omaha Steaks Partners with The Salvation Army to Provide 200,000 Servings of Steak to Those Affected by Hurricane Laura

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​In 2020, people all over America are realizing how important it is to share meals at home with family and friends. No more so than here at Omaha Steaks. In fact, our longstanding company mission is to deliver exceptional experiences that bring people together. So, when a disaster like Hurricane Laura happens it spurs our Omaha Steaks team to action.

The Hurricane Laura disaster, combined with the pandemic, has challenged so many families with getting food on the table. That’s why our company partnered with Salvation Army for this donation and why we partnered with Feeding America® this past spring to help get another 1.7 million meals to those in need.

Omaha Steaks has a long history of providing meals during disaster relief, including the recent derecho storm in Iowa, the flooding in Nebraska in 2019, and during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Fifth-generation family owners of Omaha Steaks, Todd and Bruce Simon, and the entire Omaha Steaks team, felt compelled once again to respond to this hurricane in a highly impactful way. We partnered with The Salvation Army disaster relief teams to make the biggest donation of steak in our history – two full truckloads, which is 60,000 pounds, or 200,000 individual portions!

In coordination with The Salvation Army disaster relief teams, Omaha Steaks provided 200,000 servings of premium steaks to be prepared and served from The Salvation Army’s fleet of mobile feeding units in the impacted areas. More than twenty-five feeding units are deployed from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Beaumont, Texas to provide desperately needed food and drinks to hurricane survivors and rescue workers.

“We want to help provide meals to families dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Laura during this difficult and unprecedented time of need,” said Todd Simon, Family Owner, Omaha Steaks“In the midst of a pandemic, the effects of Hurricane Laura add another layer of concern for families in need of assistance. With continued uncertainty around school closures and job securities, a natural disaster on top of this uncertainty is devastating. It’s an honor to be able to support families in need with donations to help those impacted by Hurricane Laura.”

“We are so grateful to Omaha Steaks for providing and delivering so many meals to families in need,” said Captain Trey Jones, the Incident Commander for The Salvation Army’s disaster relief operations in Louisiana. “Hurricane Laura has absolutely devastated southwest Louisiana and east Texas and the generosity of the Omaha Steaks team will mean that thousands of families will get a nourishing meal when power is out, water is unavailable, and very few stores are open. These are meals that absolutely matter.”

To support the Hurricane Laura relief efforts of the Salvation Army visit

Omaha Steaks Partners with The Salvation Army to Provide 200,000 Servings of Steak to Those Affected by Hurricane Laura

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