Your safety incentive programs are only as strong as your rewards, and employees are no longer motivated by the same old incentives. What should you do? Get creative and give experiential rewards instead. Experiential rewards are gifts like spa days, food or concert tickets. They aim to give your employees an entire reward experience — and many businesses now prefer them as incentives. In fact, 42 percent of incentive program owners are increasing the number of experiential rewards in their portfolios. If you don’t offer these bonuses as part of your safety incentives program, what are you waiting for?


The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Safety Incentive Programs

When companies want effective incentive programs but aren’t sure what rewards to offer, they often turn to company swag. But company logo items are cheap freebies — not experiential rewards. Experiential rewards often make a longer-lasting and more valuable impression on employees because they’re unexpected, thoughtful and quite impressive.

When it comes to rewards…



  • Look at the program as ongoing. Safety needs don’t just pop up here and there, and neither should your safety incentive programs.
  • Offer employees a choice. Your workers are all different people with a variety of likes and dislikes. Make sure there’s a reward for everyone.
  • Be thoughtful in your gifts. Go beyond the everyday needs like grocery shopping, a tank of gas or a little cash in an envelope.
  • Allow participants to earn rewards frequently. Make sure your program is set up so that everyone can succeed.



  • Distribute marketing swag. Employees don’t exactly feel appreciated when they’re “rewarded” with mugs and pens.
  • Miss opportunities to incentivize. Study what makes your workplace safe and reward on both the big and little safety achievements by employees.
  • Leave employees out. Everyone deserves an opportunity to earn rewards. Be sure to notice all of your employees—not just your favorite ones.


Everyone Loves Good Food

Gourmet food makes the perfect experiential reward. It provides employees with multiple positive experiences from receiving a delicious, unexpected gift to sharing a meal alongside family and friends. All the while, they’re talking about you, their employer, who made this experience possible.

Your safety incentive program undoubtedly has many levels, including on-the-spot rewards or rewards earned over a longer period of time. Safety incentives from Omaha Steaks have the power to delight employees in variety of ways for a variety of safety achievements.


Give an experience with Omaha Steaks:


Gift Cards

Tasteful and versatile, Omaha Steaks gift cards are available from $5 to $500. Employees who earn this reward can shop online, in store or on the phone. A gift card is easy for supervisors or managers to carry, ensuring it can be handed out as soon as safe behavior is observed. They’re also great for groups with dietary restrictions or preferences since they can be used for non-meat items like desserts and sides.

Custom Certificates

Curate a selection of steaks and gourmet food to suit any palate and let your employees choose what to have delivered to their homes. This gift can be given to one or multiple employees and can be branded with your company logo, the name of your recipient and the reason for gifting. Employees can redeem by phone, mail or online.

Individual Entrees

Delectable steak, poultry, and seafood cuts are packaged individually so they’re perfect for one-off rewards. Order your employee a safety incentive reward following a job well done.

Gift Baskets

When you want employees to enjoy a big selection, gift baskets are a great reward. Small snacks like peanuts and popcorn, more filling snacks like salami, or even a wine and cheese basket can show employees you appreciate that they’re following safety protocols.

Combos and Meals

Serve up a larger reward with unique gift boxes from Omaha Steaks. Give employees a complete meal that includes steak and other premium meats, as well as sides and desserts their whole family will love.

The King’s Court

Ramp up your safety incentive programs with the full suite of KING CUT™ steaks by Omaha Steaks. Carved by master butchers, the KING’S COURT gift box includes the 48-ounce rib eye on the bone, the 48-ounce T-bone, the 36-ounce New York strip, and the 72-ounce Top Sirloin. Make this gift even more special when you include a bottle of wine.


Employee recognition matters, especially when it comes to safety incentive programs. An experiential reward—like a delicious gourmet steak—is the perfect way to remind your employees that safety matters in the workplace.


Give Them An Experience They Won’t Forget

Offer your safety-conscious employees a unique, meaningful reward from Omaha Steaks.

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