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Omaha Steaks Tailgate Toppings Bar

I love summer, and I’m not saying that I’m ready for it to end, but man am I excited for Fall! I love Fall for many reasons, the weather being one of them. I love the crisp, cool air, and wearing jeans and light sweaters. There is nothing quite like the leaves changing, it’s absolutely breathtaking to see. And of course let’s not forget football. I am obsessed with football and have been for as long as I can remember!

As an only child, I spent many weekends in front of the TV watching football with my dad. Whether it was our hometown college team, or my favorite pro team, there was always a game on. That hasn’t changed these days, and my kids love it just as much as I do. My youngest son plays high school football, so our lives revolve around football on the field, as well as around the TV.

Tailgating goes hand in hand with football. We tailgate for our high school games, and also for our hometown college games. To me that is one of the best parts of football! Getting together with friends and family over great food and drinks to celebrate before the game even starts. It’s always such a blast, and I always head to the game stuffed. The Omaha Steaks Good Times Grill Pack is perfect for these occasions! The pack comes with 8 Gourmet Jumbo Franks, 8 Gourmet Bratwurst, 8 Polish Sausages, and 8 Italian Sausages, so there’s something for everyone to love.

Kick your tailgating game up a notch with a delicious Tailgate Toppings Bar. It’s simple to put together, but gives everyone a chance to dress up their dogs or sausages in a fun way. Maybe you want a Fiesta Dog? Or how about a Cuban Brat? You set up the toppings bar, then watch your friends have all the fun!

Omaha Steaks Tailgate Toppings Bar

The Results


1 package Omaha Steaks Good Times Grill Pack
32 bakery style hot dog and brat buns

For the Cuban:
Thinly sliced shaved ham
Spicy brown mustard
Chopped pickles

For the Fiesta:
Chopped Onions
Finely chopped jalapeno

For the Italian:
Marinara sauce
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Finely chopped bell peppers

Omaha Steaks Tailgate Toppings Bar

The Cuban

Omaha Steaks Tailgate Toppings Bar

The Fiesta

Omaha Steaks Tailgate Toppings Bar

The Italian

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