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Creole Sausage Roast


The summer/fall transition question – to grill or not to grill? Sometimes you have every intention to grill, and then a chilly fall night halts your plans. Whenever that happens to me, I bring the grill inside and roast things at high heat on a sheet pan. This way, I stay warm, dinner is still fabulous, and the oven heats up the house nicely. Plus, I love a good sheet pan supper — no clean-up required! If you feel an extra case of laziness coming your way, line the sheet pan with a double layer of foil and then you don’t even have to wash the pan.

I know that with Fall comes lots of great things, like warm mugs of pumpkin spice lattes (with whiskey on the weekends!), sweaters, and football. But there was one Creole recipe on my Summer Bucket List that I never got to — a shrimp boil. Somehow, it never panned out. Not to mention, I could barely lift the size of pot required to make enough food for everyone. So, I scaled it down to a more manageable size and used a pack of Omaha Steaks new Italian Sausages instead of shrimp.

These sausages are perfectly seasoned with the right level of heat and spice, and they’re a great addition to this Louisiana-style bake. They roast up ever so slightly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Plus, they come four to a pack which is the perfect serving size.

To make this sheet pan roast Louisiana-style, I use a hefty dose of Old Bay seasoning. I love Old Bay; it’s not just for crab cakes in my house! I sprinkle it on steaks, vegetables, and potatoes are especially great with it. In this dinner recipe, it’s the only spice required. It gives so much flavor for such little effort.

So, gather the ingredients you would normally use in a shrimp boil: fresh-shucked corn, baby red potatoes, Old Bay seasoning, and a pack of sausages. You can absolutely include shrimp, if you like. Toss everything together with oil, and roast. You’ll be making this easy Creole-inspired dinner again and again!


Omaha Steaks Sausages



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