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How Healthcare Employee Recognition Programs Improve Performance


It’s important to recognize healthcare employees. The simple act of thanks and appreciation of their work is an investment in your staff and your organization.


Doctors, nurses and other hardworking healthcare professionals make miracles happen, comfort those in their times of need, spend years perfecting their craft, and most importantly, save lives. They work long hours and provide skilled and compassionate care to patients and comfort to families.


Meaningful recognition programs have numerous benefits for the employees and the organization as a whole. Why employee recognition programs are important:


Enhances Employee Morale


Having a rewards and recognition program for employees lets them know that their contributions are important.  This recognition can reduce stress levels, increase satisfaction, and make employees feel valued.


Improves Employee Retention


A recognized employee is a loyal employee. Sincere recognition from the organization creates dedicated and motivated employees. It’s essential in today’s market to invest in your workforce to retain skilled employees.


Positively Affects Patient Satisfaction


When staff are appreciated and satisfied with their work, their attitude will be seen in the services they provide. Managers that go above and beyond for their staff, have staff that will go above and beyond for their clients.


How to Thank a Healthcare Worker:


Recognize them on National Days/Weeks


National weeks for healthcare professions are a perfect time for hospital administrators, office managers, and HR to recognize their hardworking teams. Mark these dates on your calendar:


  • Doctor’s Day is March 30 every year.
  • National Nurse’s Week is always May 6-12.
  • National Hospital Week always falls on the week (Sunday-Saturday) of Florence Nightingale’s May 12 birthday.


During National Hospital week, take time recognize the staff that works hard throughout the hospital, including techs, support staff, nurse’s aides, pharmacists, office staff, and anyone involved with patient care at the hospital.


These holidays are perfect reminders to take time to recognize hardworking healthcare professionals.


Recognize Doctors, Nurses & Healthcare Workers with a Gift


Give a thoughtful gift to show your thanks. Food is the perfect gift for any occasion or person on your list. Food speaks to everybody and the recipient can share the gift of food with their friends and family. When you gift food, you are giving an experience.


There are a variety of ways you can thank healthcare staff with a gift of food whether your budget is large or limited. Some of the unique offerings from Omaha Steaks include:



The best part? Food is offered in multiple ways so you get to decide how it’s given. Offer doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff something unexpected to show them you’re grateful for all they do.


Establish a recognition program today for your healthcare team to recognize achievements, improve morale, and spotlight their unique contributions.


How Healthcare Employee Recognition Programs Improve Performance

Gifts for Healthcare Employees

Gift baskets and combo packages for your healthcare employee incentive program. 

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