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Be an Event Planning Savior with Virtual Food Awards


Over the past year, COVID has reshaped so many things for businesses everywhere. From working environments (hello WFH!) to hours of operation to fun perks like end-of-year holiday parties, everyone has been forced to alter our expectations as it relates to our jobs.

For Event Planners, this holds especially true. Some of the most anticipated and cherished events around the workplace are social gatherings like cookouts, tailgates, and travel awards, just to name a few.

But, rather than writing off those get-togethers, Event Planners can reallocate their event funds and create a fun, luxurious, in-home experience for employees using Teams, Zoom, Slack, and Omaha Steaks!

Make the Steakhouse Their House

Omaha Steaks offers a variety of gourmet selections that are sure to impress at your employees’ dinner table. Arriving safely at their doorstep, our coolers come with the ability for a personalized greeting and even your company logo for large orders.  If you’re planning on incorporating a Zoom team meeting, you can add a greeting card that doubles as a cool invitation to the virtual event. Links can be included to encourage participation and employee interaction. And everything is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Be an Event Planning Savior with Virtual Food Awards

The Gourmet Gift of Choice

Omaha Steaks Custom Certificates are perfect in-home gifts that allow your team to make their own selections. Just choose a price-point and a personal message. They can pick from a variety of savory assortments including tender steaks, juicy burgers, seafood favorites and so much more. It’s the simple way to ensure your team get exactly what they want! For large programs, you can also create a branded redemption site for the certificates and can even include a video from the CEO or other executives as a fun surprise. Physical and E-Certificates available.

With a little planning, a little imagination, and some flawless execution from the Omaha Steaks Concierge Team, you can create a fun, engaging, and exciting in-home experience for your employees. Let a business gift concierge create a custom, virtual holiday gift today based around your goals and budget.

Be an Event Planning Savior with Virtual Food Awards

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