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Bring the Company Event Home to Your Team


It’s no secret that the COVID19 crisis has forced many businesses to rethink how to keep their employees engaged and connected. The quarantine life we all hoped would be gone by Summer seems to have every intention of creeping into the Fall and maybe beyond.

For Event Planners, this obviously affects those beloved employee functions everyone looks forward to, like: cookouts, tailgates, parties, and holiday events.

But as the old adage goes: when life gives you lemons, make a gourmet steak!

Or something like that…

Rather than writing off those get-togethers, reallocate your event funds and create a gift experience your team can enjoy in the comfort of their homes. Because the longer your employees stay disconnected from each other, the more they’ll need fun experiences to help them make it through the days, weeks, and even months of quarantine.

The Gift of Choice

Omaha Steaks Custom Certificates are perfect in-home gifts that allow your employees to make their own selections. Just decide on a price-point and then pick from a variety of savory assortments that could include tender steaks, juicy burgers, easy meals and so much more. It’s the simple way to ensure your employees get exactly what they want!

Fully Customized

Gifts can also be branded with your company logo and even include a message of appreciation. If you’re planning on incorporating a Zoom team meeting, you can add a greeting card that doubles as a cool invitation to the virtual event. Links can be included to encourage participation and employee interaction.

Fully Personalized

For large programs, you can also create a branded redemption site for the certificates and can even include a video from the CEO or other executives as a fun surprise.

Bring the Company Event Home to Your Team


As a final and impressive personal touch, include a Seasoning Kit or Grilling tool like an apron, tongs, or knives with the certificate. This will create a fun unboxing event for the cookout and give your employees something practical to use after the day is over.

With some good intentions, simple planning, and flawless execution from Omaha Steaks, you can give your employees a fun and unexpected event they’ll remember for ages. Let a business gift concierge create a custom, virtual event gift today based around your goals and budget.

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Bring the Company Event Home to Your Team

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