Don’t be embarrassed. It happens to everyone, and it happened to you one Saturday afternoon while you were grilling burgers and franks.


You forgot one of the most vital grilling fundamentals: You neglected to tie your apron strings, and while leaning over the cooktop, you accidentally flame-broiled your apron. With a whoosh, it was gone.


No need to fret. Consider this a blessing in disguise — now can replace your old, grease-stained, gnarled apron with a chef’s apron anyone would covet.


Here are 7 amazing facts about your new (favorite) apron:


1. The Tactical Protective Gear Every Chef Needs


Any chef or serious grillmaster will tell you wearing an apron is a must. Doing so not only protects your clothes, but also your body. This apron boasts a heavy-duty canvas that will do the trick and then some.


2. Butcher’s Diagram Graphic Basically Guarantees You’ll Blow Someone’s Mind


Savor the cheers as you educate your BBQ guests on the finer points of butchering. Use the minimalist butcher’s chart printed on this apron to explain the exact origins of their mouthwatering Steaks, Franks, Burgers, and more.


3. Pinafore-Style Cut Means Timeless, Of-Course-I-Can-Cook Look


When you think apron, what do you see? Chances are you imagine a full apron that hangs around the neck, is sleeveless, and ties in the back. Sound like a classic Pinafore-cut apron? You bet it does. This is the style worn by people who know aprons.


4. Less Expensive Than a Bottle of Decent Bourbon


You wouldn’t skimp when it comes to selecting a caramel-forward, spicy bourbon — naturally you’re probably not going to shell out the really, really big bucks either. This apron is priced perfectly, so you’ll have plenty left over to replenish your liquor cabinet.


5. Deep, Deep Pockets


Maybe not deep enough to carry a King Cut, but definitely deep enough to hold all the tools and utensils you need to smoke and grill like a pro.


6. Cleans Easier Than Your Grill


Messes happen. And when they do, you’ll be glad you’re wearing this heavy-duty canvas apron. What’s more? Heavy-duty canvas is machine washable. A fact you’ll be doubly grateful for next time that lousy grease tray decides to take a spill.


7. Championed and Designed by Omaha Steaks


This apron was created by the people who deliver the world’s best grilling proteins. With the expert griller in mind. No expense spared.




Find your new, favorite apron here.

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