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Dad Guide: How to Deal When Your Gift is NOT Steak


Anticipation escalates with Father’s Day looming on the horizon. Especially when for months in advance you’ve dropped hints like, “Oh, boy… I don’t think my closet can handle any more ties. Should probably install a sign outside it that says, ‘Now entering TIE-land,’ am I right? Sure would be nice if I could turn these ties into… T-BONE STEAKS!”

Who says you have to hint with subtlety? After all, you want what you want — and they know you want steak.

Don’t be so sure. The unspeakable happens more often than we tend to acknowledge. Sometimes you’re just a tad too clever, a smidge too indirect, causing your hints to fly right over their heads. Or perhaps they’ve simply opted to ignore your desires completely and give you a set of golf tees or, if you’re lucky, a ceramic #1 DAD mug because it’s plain easy.

Every dad will someday receive a bad gift. Even you — but don’t fret.


Here are 5 ways to channel your disappointment when your gift is NOT steak.

  1. Hone Your Knife Knowledge.
  2. Learn to Cook with Whiskey.
  3. Bone Up on Your Beer Pairings.
  4. Become a Kitchen Guru.
  5. Take Up Smoking.

And remember, there’s always next year…


Dad Guide: How to Deal When Your Gift is NOT Steak

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