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The Ultimate Steak and Beer Pairing Guide


We all know that great steak rarely needs more than Kosher salt, a few turns of your favorite pepper mill, and a scorching hot cooking flame to deliver the quintessential eating experience. And while the prevailing wisdom recommends washing down your glorious mouthful of steak with a robust red wine, we believe beer is an equally dynamic partner you shouldn’t sleep on. 

With seemingly endless beer styles to choose from, the idea of finding that perfect pairing can feel a tad daunting. But fret not! We’re here with some pairing ideas to get you started.

Best Steak and Beer Pairings

Check out our picks to perfectly pair your favorite steak with a brew that brings out its best.

Chart showcasing 7 beer and steak pairings

Ribeye / Double IPA

The double IPA is strongly hopped, with a clean and dry finish that lacks harshness. The distinctly toasted malt flavor pairs perfectly with the rich and buttery bite of the ribeye.

Filet Mignon / Saison

French for the word “season,” a saison is a rustic-style beer known for dry, fruity spicyness. The bold flavor melds well with fork-tender texture and exquisitely mild flavor of the filet mignon. 

Top Sirloin / Dopplebock

Dopplebock is German for “double beer” and is rich with dark fruit flavors that leave you with a lightly toasted finish. It’s the perfect partner for the bold, beefy flavor of the top sirloin.

New York Strip / Pilsner

A pilsner is a pale lager with a crisp, refreshing taste that’s lightly hopped. It’s an ideal choice to pair with the densely marbled New York Strip that delivers a bold flavor that’s second-to-none.

T-Bone / Helles Lager

With a fuller body than a light lager, Helles lager offers a touch of sweetness that balances the spicy German hop flavor and light bitterness. It’s a refreshing complement to the bold, tender, and flavorful T-bone.

Flat Iron / Hefeweizen

A Hefeweizen is an easy-drinking beer with a cloudy, golden color with a thick foamy head. Featuring notes of banana, clove, and even black pepper, this is a fun beer to pair with the robust beef flavor and extra-tender bite of the flat iron steak.

Prime Rib / Porter

Porter beer is known for its striking brown to black color produced by dark malts and malted barley, leaving the essence of chocolate on the palette. It’s a popular choice to hold up to the rich and juicy flavors of prime rib.

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