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Yep, it’s official. We’re claiming the title. The Official Snack of Dads.


Meet the all-new line-up of premium beef jerky and pork hunter’s sausage from Omaha Steaks. It’s here in the Dad Department because there’s no better way to feed busy, hungry, steak-loving guys who spend most of their time focused on their families.


What makes Omaha Steaks protein snacks special?


Real Smoke.


None of our protein snacks have any artificial smoke flavor. None. And if the dad in your life knows barbeque, he can taste the difference. After marinating and seasoning, our jerky and hunter’s sausages are hung on screens in a smokehouse over smoldering hickory wood for a full 8 hours. Boom!


No Added Nasties


Great protein – no random scraps, no mystery cuts…our snacks are made exclusively of the good stuff. Then they’re spiced and marinated with more real stuff – not cured with chemicals. There are no added nitrites, no added MSG (except Teriyaki; that’s made with soy sauce), and no fake smoke.


Professional Protein


Jerky is a great place to start, but there’s more than that here. Dads are also crazy about our Hunter’s Sausages, cured & smoked mini sticks of premium ground pork or beef, with the same great flavor as our jerky. We’ve used our expertise in all things butchery and created something new to crave.


Buy More, Save More


The thing about great jerky is that each bite makes you want another. The awesome savory flavor, the fantastic texture, the…meat. Shop Omaha Steaks Beef Jerky & Hunter’s Sausage here and we’ll drop the price every time you add another flavor. Since it’s The Official Snack of Dads, we suggest you send the guy a sampler!