How to Grill Corn like a Nebraskan

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You’ll find a wide variety of people in Nebraska – it’s a diverse, vibrant, and exciting place. But no matter who’s eating or where you are, you’ll always see corn. Beautiful Nebraska sweetcorn everywhere. We’ve even named our beloved football team after the stuff.

So, we know how to grow it. But how do we cook it?

Corn’s incredibly versatile, but at Omaha Steaks, we’re a little partial to the grill. There are a number of delicious and easy ways that Nebraskans grill their corn, and nothing makes a better side for gourmet burgers and beautiful steaks. These are our favorites:

1. In the husk, steamed

Leave your corn in the husk. Some folks try to remove the silky fibers, but it’s not necessary. In most cases, especially outside the Midwest, it’s a good idea to soak your corn in water for 10-15 minutes before you grill it. If it’s very fresh (0-2 days from harvest), don’t bother. Then, just place your corn directly on the grill over medium heat.

– The husks will turn brown and crispy

– The corn inside will be perfectly steamed

– Delivers a natural, earthy taste

– Pull the husk back after cooking and use it as a handle

Corn Cropped2. On the grates, plain

Crave a little blackening of your actual corn? Many of us do. Follow the same guidelines as above for soaking your corn, unless it’s super fresh. Then, peel back the husks, remove the silky fibers, and tie the husks back to make a handle. You can place your ears of corn right on the grill, but make sure to keep a close eye so they don’t burn too much.

– Some say to brine your corn in salt water –don’t! It’ll deflate your kernels.

– Don’t bother buttering your corn before you grill, either. It will just melt off and you’ll have to re-apply after.

– Serve simply with real butter and sea salt. Maybe a little black pepper.

3. On the grates, Elotes

Elote is Mexican grilled corn, and it’s amazing. Start by grilling your corn directly on the grates as above. While it’s cooking, whip up the magic: Mayonnaise with a splash of lime juice and sprinkling of chili powder and salt.

As soon as you pull the corn off the grill, slather it in this mixture and then roll it in crumbled Cotija cheese. Once your cobs are covered in incredible tangy, cheesy, savory goodness, top with fresh cilantro and squeeze a little extra lime juice on top. Hold it by the husk-handle and go to town!

4. In aluminum foil, with butter

One way to cook corn is to boil it, right? So why not boil it in butter? This combo method produces juicy, sweet, super-buttery corn that’ll blow people’s minds.

Pull the husk back and remove the silky fibers. Rub each cob very generously with real salted butter, and then wrap it completely in aluminum foil. Make sure you wrap it so that your butter won’t go anywhere. Grill the whole thing for 15 or 20 minutes, turning occasionally.

– Natural, sweet flavor of sweet corn

– Serve simply with sea salt

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How to Grill Corn like a Nebraskan