Curry Crusted Filet and Strip Steak with Roasted Red Pepper Chimichurri

  • by Suzanne Henricksen
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Curry crusted filet mignon and boneless strip steaks are accompanied by a roasted red pepper chimichurri for a mouthwatering feast that is perfect for a family dinner or for entertaining friends.

With friends stopping by last minute (or being invited over last minute by my husband) I always like to have something on hand that I know will be a big hit. And really, who doesn’t love steak? Knowing this, I just so happened to have The Classic Combo from Omaha Steaks in my freezer at the exact moment I needed it.

As soon as I found out guests were set to arrive in the evening on a Saturday, and I dashed into the kitchen (which took me all of 2 seconds because our house is super tiny) and removed the filet mignon and boneless strip steaks from the freezer and set them on a plate to thaw.

While the meat came to room temp, I quickly made a chimichurri (classically an Argentinian green sauce that accompanies meat) and added a little flair to it by incorporating roasted red peppers. The end result was truly spectacular. The chimichurri has a fresh aroma from the herbs used, and then a beautifully fire roasted undertone in flavor.



Whenever we have friends over, I always like spending time with them as opposed to being stuck in the kitchen for hours preparing a meal. Also, with a house as small as ours, we don’t really have enough room for everyone to congregate in the kitchen (clearly something I dream of for our future home) so unless I want to be by myself, pre-prepping a meal and then spending time with friends is the ideal situation.

If that sounds like you (wanting to actually spend time with your friends when they come over, but also wanting to serve an amazing meal) THIS is the dish for you! The actual hands-on time before serving is only about 15 minutes (seasoning of the steaks, cooking, and resting time included) which makes it the ideal meal to cook with company present.

An added bonus is that your guests will get to enjoy the amazing aromas of this dish as it cooks. This curry crusted steak and roasted red pepper chimichurri is a mouth-watering feast to be enjoyed with friends.