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How to Give Meaningful Gifts & Rewards +(with eBook Download!)


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Giving business gifts and rewards can no longer be considered an obligation or a chore you must face every year around the holidays. Giving thoughtful, meaningful business gifts and rewards is an essential tool to strengthen your professional relationships and build your brand, a skill you must master if you want your brand to succeed.

Experiential Business Gifts

According to The Incentive Research Foundation 2018 Trends Study, “this [2018] is the fifth straight year the market has noted a 20-30% growth in experience-related [gifts and] rewards.”

But what exactly do we mean when we throw around phrases like “experience-related” or words like “experiential”?

Decades ago, chintzy promotional items – think branded mousepads, coffee mugs, pens – were an acceptable choice. Not so in our present day.

Study after study has shown that cash-related gifts and rewards ring hollow. They’re impersonal and boilerplate. Choose non-cash gifts and rewards to that deliver an experience, i.e., experience-related gifts and rewards. Consider luxury items like gourmet food, high-end sunglasses, travel vouchers, etc.

Getting Gifting Results

You guarantee positive results when you apply thought and consideration to choosing business gifts and rewards like those mentioned above. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Clients will speak highly of your consideration and hold your brand in high esteem
  • Customers will be encouraged to continue giving you their business, resulting in more repeat revenue and better word of mouth advertising
  • Partners will feel valued, regarded, and confident in their partnership with you
  • Employees will be inspired to perform at their highest possible level

Granted, selecting meaningful gifts and rewards may require you to invest a little more time than going the generic route. But that’s precisely the point. Your recipients will recognize that added investment, and return the favor in the form of improved performance.

Get more details on to how and why to choose meaningful gifts and rewards. Download our eBook: Guide to Giving Meaningful Gifts and Rewards today!

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