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Everybody Eats: Why You Should Consider Mail Order Food Gifts for the Holidays


Every person on your company’s holiday gift list has one thing in common — whether you work with five people or 5,000. That one thing? Everybody eats.

It’s a universal truth. And it’s one of the reasons food gifts — especially mail order food gifts — are so appealing for the holidays. After you decide to give mail-order food gifts, though, how do you know which source is best?

There are a lot of places out there looking to fulfill your holiday gifting needs. But not all mail-order food companies are created equal. Ask specific questions about the companies you’re considering for your holiday gift order before you entrust them with such an important task.


How long has the company been in business and been fulfilling mail orders?

A company’s best practices often come from its worst failures. Put another way, a young business — like a young person — learns what to do by learning what not to do. That’s understandable. It’s not optimal, however, if it’s you at the receiving end of their education. Don’t let your holiday gift order be the thing that teaches a company a lesson about order fulfillment. Make sure you order your food gifts from a company with plenty of experience.


Does the company have a variety of options, including highly customizable packages?

As we said: everybody eats. But not everyone enjoys the same thing. If you send everyone on your list a crate of grapefruit, you’ll undoubtedly have people who are ecstatic about their supersized citrusy gift. That said, there are people who don’t like grapefruit, and those people will also remember your gift—just probably not the way you’d prefer.

The key is to send mail-order food gifts from a company with a breadth and depth of offerings—as well as the ability to customize a box or basket for individual recipients. When you’re researching bulk orders from specific companies, verify their ability to provide you and the people on your list with options for customization.


Is the company renowned for their customer service?

Not long ago, you had no idea what kind of service you’d receive when placing an online order. Today, however, a company’s reputation for customer service is never hard to find. Read reviews and check social media for commentary on a mail order food company’s customer service before placing an order. Of course, every company has less-than-perfect reviews. If there are only a few, take them with a grain of salt.

As you might suspect, Omaha Steaks is your answer to all of these questions. That means we’re also the obvious answer for your current question: “Who has the best mail order food gifts?” We opened our doors in 1917 and began selling our products through the mail in 1952. That’s 65 years of mail-order experience.

Plus, when it comes to variety and customization, we’re second to none. If you’re looking for the ease and convenience of combos and gift baskets with preselected items, we have dozens of options (including Holiday Gifts). We also offer Custom Gifts and Custom Certificates so your recipients can choose their favorites. Not to mention, our customer service is unparalleled — and includes our 100% guarantee.

Everybody Eats: Why You Should Consider Mail Order Food Gifts for the Holidays

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