10 Reasons to Give Your Dog Omaha Steaks Dog Treats!

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We love our dogs. We’d give them steak if we could. But since that’s not really practical, what better way to spoil and treat your dog than giving them dog treats from the same premium steak brand you love? Omaha Steaks dog treats are the only ones that deliver that delicious Omaha Steaks experience to your special pet.

Here are 10 reasons to give your dog Omaha Steaks pet treats:

10. Treats can be used to teach your dog cool tricks.

9. Or, to teach him life skills (like going outside to do ‘business’.)

8. To give your dog a special treat between meals.

7. Omaha Steaks pet treats are nutritionally sound and formulated specifically for your dog.

6. NO additives and NO preservatives.

5. Our pet treats are made with only REAL beef – and steak treats are REAL sirloin!

4. Made in the USA in a USDA facility (that’s people-grade safety!)

3. Your dog will drool over the BBQ smell from our natural smoking process.

2. Give your dog Omaha Steaks pet treats because you love him…

1. And, your dog loves MEAT!

You can feel great treating your dog to Omaha Steaks premium dog treats. Our pet treats are made with all-natural ingredients and real meat your dog will love.

Omaha Steaks Dog Treats Available: 

• Smoked Jerky Dog Treats: Beef & Sweet Potato (6 oz.)

• Real Beef Dog Biscuits – Original Flavor (12 oz.)

• Maple-Smoked Pig Ears (12 oz.)

Every dog deserves delicious Omaha Steak dog treats, especially after all their hard work keeping us safe by barking at every delivery truck and mail person. Make sure to add pet treats to your next Omaha Steaks order and then, maybe, your dog will learn to love the delivery person with the white Omaha Steaks coolers. (We can hope, at least. But, we do guarantee your dog will love the Omaha Steaks dog treats.)

10 Reasons to Give Your Dog Omaha Steaks Dog Treats!

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