Sure, Mother’s Day means flowers… don’t forget those! But for many folks all over the country, especially adult children, it means brunch. You’re supposed to get a spot at a restaurant with an egg pun in the name and trudge your mom over there for an Instagram-worthy mid-morning sparkling-wine-infused meal.

We’re not knocking the meal. We love brunch. But we love dinner, too, and so does your mom.

There are about a million reasons why making Mom brunch at home or grilling her steaks for dinner is better than going out. Here are eight of them:

  • So. Crowded. She doesn’t want you shouting at her, even if it’s over a creative omelette.
  • Why give someone else cooking credit? If you make the meal, she’ll know you’re the best one of her children, definitely.
  • She doesn’t need to know how many mimosas you can drink.
  • Raising you wasn’t easy. She’s been through too much to stand in line for quiche.
  • Restaurants aren’t even near their best on the busiest days. That expensive prix fixe Mother’s Day menu is probably an assembly line.
  • If you make Mom wait for “brunch time” to start her day, she’ll get grumpy. You don’t want that.
  • Brunch is divisive. Steak is universal. Let mom have a normal breakfast (you can even bring it to her if you’re extra nice), and cook a special Mother’s Day dinner instead!
  • You’ll both be happier at home! Omaha Steaks delicious Mother’s Day come with everything you need to make her brunch or grill her a special dinner that she’ll actually enjoy. (P.S. Standard delivery is still available for a lot of areas, and you can always head in-store, too.)

Happy (early) Mother’s Day from Omaha Steaks!

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