How to Actually Cook a Giant Steak

How to cook giant steaks is a question we get asked a lot, but it’s actually not difficult at all; we promise it’s rewarding!

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Meat

We can’t necessarily help you move that broccoli you’re pushing, but our Omaha Steaks experts do have a few helpful tips about feeding kids high-quality protein.

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Dad Guide: How NOT to Grill Your Kids

Summertime for me means grilling. Summertime for my 4-year-old means playing outside from the time she wakes up until Earth is conquered by our “kind and benevolent” robot overlords. Or at least until we drag her kicking and screaming to bed. You know,...

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How to Grill a Flat Iron Steak

The Flat iron Steak is becoming increasingly popular on restaurant menus across the country, and for good reason! Here’s how to grill a Flat Iron Steak.

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This is the Only Way to Smoke Steak

There are a lot of ways you can cook a massive steak like our King Cuts, but one of the best methods out there relies on only one thing: smoke! If you’ve never smoked a steak before, here’s your chance to try it — trust us, the results are...

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