What Steak to Get your Dad for Father’s Day? The Gift Guide

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Treat Dad to the perfect steak for Father’s Day. But how do you choose the right one? Filet mignon or T-bone? Ribeye or porterhouse? Check out our personality guide to select the right steak for your Dad.

How to Choose the Right Steak for Father’s Day

Congratulations. You’ve taken the right first step by coming to Omaha Steaks to buy the perfect steak for your dad. Steak really is the best gift for dads – but what do you choose? You’re not an expert! How do you match the beef to the man? Relax. Tell us what kind of guy he is and we’ll recommend a steak for Father’s Day.

If your Dad is…

The Daddest Dad in the Room

Can’t find this guy at a get-together? Just open your ears. He’s got bold opinions and he’s not shy about sharing. He probably tells great stories to the kids and great, slightly-less-appropriate stories to everyone else. This dad loves a cookout, and usually mans the grill. For him, you want BOLD flavor. Choose the ultimate grilling steak…Boneless New York Strips.

The Sweetest Guy Around

This dad has been spotted fixing a ponytail. Complementing the chef. Wearing cashmere. He’s sensitive and cares about the way of things. He’s got great taste. If you’re shopping for a dad who’s likely to notice the details, you want a steak that offers a more nuanced flavor but sublimely sophisticated texture…. the Filet Mignon.

A No-Nonsense Good Guy

This dad knows not to run when you can walk, but he’s not standing still either. He’s always making things better for his family and he’s always there for great advice. This type of dad tends to be universally respected and always great to know… so choose a steak that’s as stalwart as he is. Something lean, something flavorful, and something smartly cut. A Top Sirloin.

An “All-The-Stops” Dad

Put up some Christmas lights? More like go “full Griswold” and put up ALL the Christmas lights. Time to get a minivan? This dad found the one with automatic doors and swivelly seats and wi-fi. Some dads relish doing things whole-heartedly, so that’s how you should shop for them too. Look for steaks that are the richest around, full of dense marbling for intense flavor. Get your dad Ribeyes.

The Kind Who Says “Two-Fer”

Classic. If you know a dad who seriously loves his life, and in particular loves BEING a dad, go big! You know he’ll thank you in a big way, and also you know he’ll probably share. The obviously solution for this guy is to go with the steak two-fer; the steak with both strip and filet: a T-Bone or Porterhouse.

A Dad Who Reads Blogs

A smartwatch. New cooking techniques. Chambray. The hallmarks of a hip dad are easy to spot, but it can seem like he already has everything. That’s a big part of what makes steak a great dad gift – there’s never enough! For a dad with up-to-the-minute tastes and a knack for culinary knowledge, give a steak that’s relatively new to the culinary scene. The super-tender, big-on-flavor, you-gotta-know-how-to-cut-it-properly Flat Iron Steak.

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