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Quick Tips for an Easy Weeknight Dinner

By Omaha Steaks
Quick Tips for an Easy Weeknight Dinner

W e've all been there! After a long day at work, you're tired and your family and kids are hungry and waiting to be fed. With the holidays approaching fast, every minute counts — so here are some quick tips for an easy weeknight dinner:

Meal Planning Makes Everything Easier

Spend at least an hour during the weekend to sit down and plan your weekly menu. Creating a list and shopping for essential grocery items saves a lot of time on weeknights when all you want to do is get dinner on the table. No need to dash out to the grocery store at the last minute to grab some ingredients when you have everything ready in your fridge! Once you have a weekly menu ready, post it up in the kitchen for everyone to see. I'm sure your family will be looking forward to dinner once they see the delicious menu you have planned for the week.

Weekend Prep Work is Essential

Prep work goes hand-in-hand with meal planning, which is a huge time-saver in the long run. If you have 2 or more menu items that would need the same ingredient (ex: sliced onions, diced carrots, etc.), chop it all at once, bag it separately and label so that everything is ready when you need it. This eliminates repetitive dinner time prep work and also reduces the amount of dishes/utensils that you have to wash each night. It's a win-win!

30 Minutes or Less Dinner Ideas

If you thought 30 minute meals were only possible on TV, think again. Once you have meal planning and weekend prep work tucked under your belt, these quick and easy dinner ideas will look and taste like you've been cooking all day.

  • Stir Frys — Leftover protein, pre-cut vegetables and your favorite seasoning makes a nutritious a complete meal plus no wasted food since leftovers are made brand new!
  • Baked Fish and Vegetables — Lightly season a nice fish fillet such as salmon and place it in the oven with roasting vegetables (Brussels sprouts, carrots and onions) until the fish flakes easily and the vegetables have a nice caramelized color. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice before serving this light and satisfying meal.
  • Pan Seared Steak — 2 minutes on each side on a smoking hot cast iron pan for medium rare steak served with some baked sweet potatoes on the side (with all the toppings that you like!) equals a gourmet meal without stepping into a restaurant.

Utilizing the Slow Cooker

Don't feel like cooking at all? The slow cooker can be your weeknight best friend! Meatballs, pulled pork and hearty stews come out perfectly when cooked low and slow. Or, try one of our Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Meals! Simply set it in the morning and its mouthwatering aroma will greet you as soon as you get home. A no-fuss slow cooker dinner is a lifesaver, giving you more time to relax and unwind.

Cook Once, Eat Twice

Double your 30 minute recipes or slow cooker meals and you'll have lunch ready for the next day as well. This is a good way to save time and avoid preparing an extra meal or having to order (gasp!) fast food for lunch. Eating healthy is made easy and affordable! Not a fan of eating the same thing the next day? Cooked food can be safely stored in the fridge for 2-3 days so Monday night's dinner can be packed for lunch on Wednesday afternoon. Trust us, by then, you'll forget that you're eating leftovers.

Now reclaim your weeknight back.

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