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Frozen Is...
Safer. Easier. Always Delicious.
There's only one way to guarantee the perfect steak - flash freezing. This unique technique takes the guesswork out of beef & allows Omaha Steaks to deliver exactly what you're looking for.
Here's Why:
True Safety More Choice
Convenience Less Food Waste
Frozen is Safer.
"Fresh is best" or "Never frozen" get thrown around, but consider how much you know about that beef. Not much. At Omaha Steaks, the perfection of freezing replaces uncertainty with total quality control in three ways.
Cold From Start to Finish
Our beef enters our facility at cold temperatures below the industry standard. Then it never warms even close to the "danger zone," including during delivery. We guarantee it.
Immediate Freezing
Moments after Omaha Steaks are cut, they're flash frozen. Our blast freezer gets colder than -30 F, which freezes beef in minutes. That stops any chance of contamination and freezes the steak without damaging its integrity.
No Complex Supply Chain
"Fresh" beef changes hands constantly. Omaha Steaks beef is under our control from aging to cutting to delivery to you. No complex supply chain and no middlemen mean 100% certainty and safety.
Frozen is Always Perfect.
It's the aging process that makes our steaks juicy and tender. It's flash freezing that delivers that juiciness to you.
When beef is flash frozen, it's like a pause button on juiciness. When beef is "fresh," you could be losing quality every minute. The cold, hard facts:
The water in the beef barely expands. That means less damage to the protein and less loss of juice.
The aging process is halted. That means great flavor, exactly as its meant to be.
The quality is preserved without question. Less "fresh" guesswork, better results.
What Makes Faster Freezing Better?
Flash Freezing vs. Freezing at Home
Your Freezer is Unreliable
Any home freezer takes hours to freeze a steak, and anti-frost technology means that temps inside actually fluctuate a lot. The slow, uneven temperature drop causes the water molecules in the protein to expand, breaking the cellular structure and damaging the meat.
A Damaged Steak Doesn't Taste Good
When a steak that's been damaged by slow at-home freezing is thawed, it's not nearly as good. The structure is damaged, the delicious juices run out as it thaws, and precious flavor and texture are lost.
The Pause Button
Near-instant flash freezing is so fast, the water molecules stay the same size. Beef quality is suspended exactly as it should be, and stays that way until you prepare it.
More Choice
Our selection isn't limited by supply. Flash freezing and storage means we can cut only the best and offer you everything all of the time
Leave that feeling of "gotta make it before it goes bad" behind. Individually flash frozen steaks are ready whenever you are, and in the exact quantity you need.
Less Waste
Better planning and portion control made possible by flash freezing mean less household food waste. That's better for you, for the planet, and - of course - means more steak to eat!
Frozen Comes Vacuum-Sealed
Planning your meals around when meat might go bad is a terrible way to eat. Omaha Steaks flash-freezing method requires airless packaging, which makes every step of the experience even better. Here's how:
Easy to Thaw
When you know you're going to cook, just move your sealed Omaha Steak from the freezer to the fridge the day before. If you forgot or plans change, water-tight vacuum packaging makes quick-thawing easy. Just place sealed frozen steak in a bowl or sink of cold water for about 20 minutes.
The Quantities You Need
6 guests and 8 burgers? 4 steaks and 3 people? No problem. Omaha Steaks flash-frozen vacuum sealed beef is a flexible as you need it to be, and doesn't create unnecessary food waste.
No Air, No Freezer Burn
When food in the freezer comes in contact with air, it dries out and gets gross spots called "freezer burn." Our 100% air-free vacuum-sealed packaging eliminates this possibility and keeps your Omaha Steaks in perfect condition.
Try the Best Beef Now
We're not making this up... and we'll prove it. Shop below and taste Omaha Steaks premium aged flash-frozen beef for yourself. If you're not 100% convinced that it's the best you've ever had, our 100% satisfaction guarantee is yours.