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It's Cooler to Re-use and Recycle
The Omaha Steaks Cooler Ensures Food Safety

At Omaha Steaks, we take food safety very seriously. Working with experts in the food science industry, we determined that the optimal way to ensure the ultimate food safety of our products is to ship the items frozen. That is why we worked diligently to effectively engineer the design of the custom reusable/recyclable polystyrene coolers we use to ship our products to our family of customers.

Our highly-efficient, dependable coolers act as mini-freezers, guaranteeing that the products enclosed remain completely frozen in transit. It is all part of our ongoing commitment to providing customers with quality products that meet the highest standards in food safety.

Re-use and Recycle - It's the Right Thing to Do

Our durable, energy efficient coolers are perfect for a multitude of innovative, yet practical re-uses. Over the years, hundreds of customers have contacted us to share countless suggestions for how to re-use our coolers. If you have a great "re-use" idea, please send us an e-mail at, so that we can share it with others.

Here are just a few of the popular cooler re-use ideas that we have received:

Terrific tackle box.
"It's a great box for fishing trips. I stick the hooks in the lid." - Jim, Nebraska

Great sewing kit.
"I use my cooler as a sewing box." - Marge, Illinois

No moths here!
"During the summer months, I store all my wool sweaters in a cooler. I never have to worry about moth holes." - Lillian, Nebraska

Emergency car kit.
"I keep a cooler in the trunk of my car as it's the perfect place to store tools and emergency items."
- Cliff, Colorado

Good cold storage.
"We keep an empty Omaha Steaks cooler in the trunk for trips to the grocery store. It's ideal for storing refrigerated and frozen foods like milk and ice cream until you get home. Coolers also make a great ice chest for cold drinks at parties." - Lenora, Phoenix

Holiday storage box.
"Every year I carefully pack all my holiday decorations in coolers. Everything stays organized and the cooler protects the ornaments against breakage." - Connie, Iowa
Think of the pets.
"Cold winters have always been difficult on my hunting dogs that live in a dog house outdoors. I cut a few Omaha Steaks coolers into squares and used them to insulate the dogs' house. They now stay much warmer."
- Larry, Wisconsin

"My wife and I care for the neighborhood feral (outside) cats and we use your shipping coolers as shelters in the rain and in wintertime. On behalf of the cats, we thank you. - Lewis, Vermont

Gentle toy box.
"When my grandchildren come over, they head right to the Omaha Steaks cooler. It's filled with their toys and since the lid is so lightweight, I don't worry that they will pinch their fingers." - Karen, Virginia

Perfect for plants.
"We turned our coolers into planters that we use to raise herbs and a few vegetables." - Ray, California

An all-around great cooler.
"I've bought a number of expensive coolers over the years, but I have never found one that works as well in keeping things cold as the Omaha Steaks cooler. I use mine at every outdoor event we attend."
- Jonathan, Colorado

The Omaha Steaks cooler can easily be recycled, too. Please call our Toll Free Recycle Hotline at 1-800-228-9872 for information on recycling sites in your area or visit one of these websites:

Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers

Earth 911

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