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Tastings, gifts, and more - on site & unforgettable.
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Order Co-Branded Takeaway Gifts for Any Event
Work with our our experts to choose the right take-home items for you event and budget. From custom collections of gourmet items to individual steaks & more, our takeaway options can be delivered in bulk to the venue of your choice and dispensed in person to guarantee your guests leave smiling.
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What's included in the Omaha Steaks Experience?
Steak Tasting
Treat your guests to a sampling of our most popular steaks. We'll teach them what they need to know to get the most from every bite.
Cooking Demos
Learn from the masters. We'll educate your guests with step-by-step demonstrations of exactly how to achieve steak perfection.
Takeaway Gifts
From our signature steak seasoning to the steaks themselves, all your guests will go home with incredible gifts to savor.
How Customers Use Our Programs
"When a national insurance company wanted to thank their top 500 performers, Omaha Steaks gifts and experience were a key component. During a reward trip at a southern resort, the company chose a custom certificate as a gift for each attendee. To create a truly gourmet event, the Omaha Steaks Experience was added. Omaha Steaks executive chef, Karl Marsh, along with a B2B expert, was on site to sample different steak cuts and educate attendees as they picked up their certificate."
Concierge Service
Get valuable gift ideas and discounts from our gift experts.
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