Upgrade your Appetizers with Filet Mignon

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Why settle for boring appetizers when you can make your dinner party extraordinary with filet mignon appetizers? Our tender, juicy and mild flavored filet mignon  is the star in this line of decadent appetizers. Each appetizer is packed with real aged Omaha Steaks filet mignon and delivers a flavor you will love.


With seven amazing filet mignon appetizers options, you can throw the best party on the block.  Or, skip the party and enjoy one of these divine dishes for a snack or easy dinner. These appetizers are easy to make and go straight from freezer to oven. No prep. No mess. Just delicious filet mignon in a new, unique way. If you love filet mignon, you need to try these appetizers.


Filet Mignon Appetizers


Artisan Flatbread: Filet Mignon Cheesesteak

If you love of a cheesesteak sandwich, you will love this filet mignon cheesecake flatbreads. Flatbreads are great for entertaining or a quick weeknight meal. Our artisan flatbread has a crispy, hand-tossed crust, and is loaded with exceptional ingredients, including tender chunks of filet mignon. Bakes perfectly in just 15 minutes. Try Artisan flatbread: filet mignon cheesesteak.


Filet Mignon Empanadas

What better way to transform the classic empanada than by filling it with our filet mignon. This exclusive appetizer has everything you love about the empanada – the crispy pastry and rich, savory filling and is packed full of aged, tender filet mignon, black beans, pepper jack, red peppers, cilantro and spices. Ready in just minutes with freezer to oven cooking. Try filet mignon empanadas.


Filet Mignon Dumpling

Asian-style dumplings meets filet mignon in this perfect pairing. The tender wonton wrappers are sautéed to perfection and packed with Omaha Steaks filet mignon, ginger, garlic, red chile, soy sauce & sesame oil.  Skip takeout and try filet mignon dumplings for a serious upgrade to your dinner. Try filet mignon dumplings


Filet Mignon Pastry Pockets        

Crispy, flaky phyllo dough packed with ground Omaha Steaks aged filet mignon, mild cheddar, sweet paprika and hand-wrapped  that are ready in just minutes with freezer-to-oven cooking. Filet mignon pastry pockets are an idea appetizer, snack, or quick, delicious meal. Try filet mignon pastry pockets


Filet Mignon Spring Rolls

This unique gourmet version of a street-food favorite starts with filet mignon. The big, tender, juicy bites of steak are complemented by sautéed onions, and pepper jack and cheddar cheese inside a crispy spring roll wrapper. Try filet mignon spring rolls.


Filet Mignon Pastry Bites

These bites are perfect one-of-a-kind appetizers. Each bite has tender filet mignon, mushrooms, leeks, carrots, and a splash of red, in a buttery puff pastry. This decadent appetizer has a rich flavor that is sure to impress.  Try filet mignon pastry bites.


Filet Mignon Sliders

Burger lovers, meet your dream come true with filet mignon sliders. These 2 oz burgers are unrivaled in tenderness and juicier than any slider you’ve had before, thanks to buttery filet mignon. These sliders are delicious no matter how you serve them. Try filet mignon sliders


With all these delicious filet mignon appetizer options, you’ll have the best appetizer spread at any party. You can also try our other amazing appetizers perfect for any party.  


Which filet mignon appetizer are you most excited to try?



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Make your next dinner party extraordinary with filet mignon appetizers, featuring aged, tender, juicy Omaha Steaks filet mignon. Try filet mignon sliders, empanadas, dumplings, pastry bites, filet mignon cheesesteak artisan flatbread, spring rolls or pastry pockets. Try these easy to cook and delicious filet mignon appetizers as a snack or quick meal.