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Choose the steak that's right for you! Filet Mignon
Everyone has different tastes and every steak has its own unique characteristics. At Omaha Steaks, we want your steak experience to be the best that it can be. Our Steak Chart can help you choose the steak that's just right for you! The Filet Mignon deserves its reputation as the most tender, elegant steak of all. Carved from the prized tenderloin, this delicate, lightly marbled cut has the mildest flavor of all our steaks.
Triple Trimmed® Filet Mignon Boneless Strip Sirloin Steak
Perfect for those who have taken on a lighter lifestyle but still enjoy the great taste of steak. Our Triple-Trimmed® Filets are completely trimmed of exterior fat and crafted from the leanest part of the tenderloin. The Boneless Strip is a firm, well-marbled steak from the heart of the loin. The characteristic "white tail" keeps it juicy during cooking. Its full flavor and aroma come alive when grilled or broiled.
Filet Of Prime Rib (Ribeye) Top Sirloin Steak
Our Filet of Prime Rib offers the marvelous texture of a steak and the rich flavor of Prime Rib. The secret is in the "flavor kernel," a ribbon of marbling running through the steak, which melts during cooking. Our leanest, firmest, many say tastiest steak. Our expert steakcutters leave just enough of the exterior fat to bring out its uniquely bold, beefy flavor. If you prefer a steak with a robust taste and texture, this one's for you!
Porterhouse Steak T-Bone Steak
Our mighty Porterhouse is two steaks in one! On one side of the bone there's a large New York Strip and on the other, a tender Filet Mignon. Known for it's size, it's guaranteed to satisfy even the largest appetite! The classic T-Bone, like the Porter-house, is two steaks in one. The only difference is that the T-Bone has a smaller filet. This steak is for those who enjoy the Boneless Strip but also like the flavor of Filet Mignon.
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