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World Port Seafood

World Port Seafood®

Quality and freshness matter in seafood - whether you live by the coast or in Nebraska. With World Port Seafood by Omaha Steaks, you get an expertly curated selection of seafood favorites that are ready to ship directly to your door each harvested from top sources all over the world, quickly frozen for true freshness and flavor, and delivered flawlessly. Confidence, quality, and convenience come in every cooler. Shop All


A caviar lover's favorite - perfected. Now you can experience the beloved crisp, nutty flavor of Siberian Osetra Caviar whenever the craving strikes. Adhering to strict eco-friendly standards, this caviar is as sustainable and ethical as it is delicious. Guaranteed to arrive fresh - order today!
  • Genuine Malossol Caviar
  • Highest Possible Grade: 000
  • Crisp, Nutty Flavor
  • Large Medium-Dark Pearls
  • Ethically Farmed & Fully Sustainable
  • Preservative Free
  • Unopened Shelf Life: 8 Weeks
  • Ships Overnight & Arrives Fresh
  • 1 ounce, packaged in a 2.5-inch x 1-inch jar


You're treated to only the best when you order from World Port Seafood. And our Siberian Osetra Caviar is no exception. Siberian Osetra Caviar is the product of Siberian Sturgeon, and is the most highly produced species of caviar globally. Given its abundance, it is vital that you know where your caviar comes from. We work directly with one of the world's premier sources, Sasanian Caviar, to ensure that our Siberian Osetra Caviar maintains and delivers perfect quality.

Each large, beautiful medium-dark pearl is carefully evaluated and selected to guarantee every single bite is rich with the crisp, nutty flavor you expect. It's the quintessential caviar experience… equally great as a garnish, for connoisseurs, or as a first introduction to the realm of caviar. Our Siberian Osetra Caviar is preserved perfectly using the malossol method, meaning it has been preserved without over-salting and its full flavor remains intact. The ancient malossol preservation method (processed here under genuine Caspian techniques with zero preservatives) enhances the astoundingly fresh taste of these large medium-dark olive pearls, while also increasing the caviar's shelf life.

All of our caviar is processed in-house and packed to order. Overnight shipment in chilled, insulated, and secure boxes guarantees your caviar order arrives safe, sound, and as flavorful as can be. It's simply the freshest way to enjoy caviar at home. A must-have for seafood lovers both old and new, Siberian Osetra Caviar is great to have onhand for entertaining or to give as an impressive luxury gift … order yours now!

Why World Port Seafood?
Quality and freshness matter in seafood - whether you live along the coast or in Nebraska. World Port Seafood by Omaha Steaks gives you access to an unparalleled selection of expertly curated ocean-fresh fish fillets, shellfish, and more. We carefully choose every item we offer, and each one is held to our to exacting quality & safety standards. Our seafood comes from only world's top sources, and is always quickly frozen for true freshness and flavor, then delivered flawlessly - and fast. Confidence, quality, and convenience come in every cooler. Guaranteed.



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Caviar ships overnight in chilled insulated coolers. Caviar is not eligible for "Faster Shipping Options." Due to the extra length of time to deliver, we do not send Caviar to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Caviar will ship separately from the rest of your Omaha Steaks order.