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Private Reserve

Private Reserve®

Omaha Steaks Private Reserve® is more than a label - it's a guarantee that you're about to enjoy an exceptional eating experience. Our very best beef, pork, lamb, and veal have been hand-selected for quality, color, and marbling, extra-aged for maximum tenderness, trimmed to our closest specifications by only our most experienced butchers, and continually inspected for perfection. Private Reserve® is delivered in beautiful custom packaging guaranteed to impress. Shop All


Dry-aging beef is an old-world butcher's art. It's difficult and time consuming. It's a natural way to uniquely craft tender and deeply flavorful steaks that's rarely done today, but now you can get a taste from America's Original Butcher, Omaha Steaks. These giant Private Reserve bone-in dry-aged ribeyes have been carefully aged a full SIXTY days in carefully controlled conditions... you've never tasted anything like this.
  • Dry-aged a full SIXTY days for tenderness and flavor
  • Hand-carved into massive steakhouse ribeyes
  • Bone-in presentation for flavor & dramatic effect
  • Rich with the savory, earthy flavor from dry aging
  • Flash frozen after carving for perfect delivery
  • Only from Omaha Steaks Private Reserve


A dry-aged ribeye is a butcher's specialty rarely found today. Dry-aged beef can only be created with extreme patience, gifted knife skills, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. These huge, thickly carved steakhouse steaks are rich with the flavor of densely marbled ribeye made more intense and even more tender by the dry aging process. The bone has been left in, and painstakingly cleaned and carved, for added beauty and flavor. These are the most incredible Private Reserve steaks our master butchers have ever made.

Dry Aging Steaks
Aging techniques brings out the natural tenderness of beef by allowing its enzymes to slowly break down the connective tissue in the meat. Most beef sold in stores doesn't get precisely aged - most Omaha Steaks are aged at least 28 days sealed in the refrigerator. THESE dry-aged Omaha Steaks are aged in the open air, in a room that's carefully controlled for temperature and humidity. Open-air dry aging allows the meat to breathe, so it's acted upon by a variety of microbes… to the naked eye, its dark, rough, even ugly. As it ages, water evaporates from the beef and it loses mass and forms a crust on the exterior. After 60 days, it's ready for our master butchers.

Carving Dry-Aged Steaks
Cutting dry-aged beef into steaks is where the craft happens. The outermost parts of the beef aren't edible, and all the flavor and moisture has been concentrated in to the middle of the beef that's never seen open air. The butcher carefully whittles down the big cut ofbeef until all you see is red meat and the perfect amount of exterior fat. Then it's sliced into steaks and further trimmed for total perfection. The steak you'll eat is powerfully flavorful, incredibly tender, and deep red in color. It's very rare to find steaks aged this long, and even more uncommon to be able to enjoy dry-aged steak at home, with a 100% Omaha Steaks satisfaction guarantee.



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Nutrition & Info


Menu Steaks & Chops
Protein Beef
Meal Course Entrees
Meal Time Dinner
Preparation Raw
Cooking Method Broil, Grill, Sear Roast, Sous Vide
Specialty Bone-in, Dry-Aged
Dietary Need Ketogenic Diet, Low Sodium, Made Without Gluten, Paleo Diet
Steak Cut Ribeye
Tenderness Tender
Marbling Well Marbled


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