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A favorite of butchers and barbeque aficionados that's rarely available to the public, this hand-cut pork roast has perfect marbling that melts during cooking to deliver tender, juicy, and flavorful results. It's ideal for smoking, roasting, or grilling.
  • Hand cut from premium pork shoulder
  • Perfectly marbled for tender, flavorful results
  • Coveted by butchers and barbeque aficionados
  • Ideal for smoking, roasting, or reverse searing
  • Wrapped in netting for even cooking & presentation


A longtime favorite of butchers and barbeque aficionados that's usually hard to find and seldomly available to the public, our Pork Coppa Roast is hand cut by master butchers from one of the most flavorful parts of the pig, the pork shoulder.

Also called the “money muscle,” “collar roast,” or in Italian the “capocollo”…it's known for its perfect, inter-muscular marbling that melts as you cook it leaving you with a succulently tender, super-juicy, and flavorful pork roast we know you'll love.

Ideal for low-and-slow cooking methods…our Pork Coppa Roast is perfect for smoking, roasting, or reverse searing on the grill. And with a cylinder-style shape like a pork loin, our Pork Coppa Roast is wrapped in netting so it will hold its shape, cook more evenly, and be a beautiful addition to any table.

This is a delicious and impressive pork item we know you'll want to add to your repertoire, so go ahead and place it in your cart today!



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Menu Roasts
Protein Pork
Meal Course Entrees
Meal Time Dinner
Preparation Raw
Cooking Method Bake, Grill, Smoke


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