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Enjoy a box full of the richest flavors and textures that the Earth has to offer! This roasting-ready collection from The Chef's Garden is loaded with colorful artisanal fresh vegetables that have previously been available only to restaurants. You'll receive a bounty of brightly colored potato varieties, beautiful beets and radishes, big, chunky celery root and plenty of bright orange, yellow, and purple carrots.


When you receive your Chef's Garden vegetables, it's best to wash them before storage and then again before preparing them.

Root vegetables and firm vegetables should be washed in cold water and lightly scrubbed using a soft sanitized vegetable brush. Rinse again with cold water and place in a colander and gently shake to drain. Store in the crisper or vegetable drawer of your refrigerator for 2-4 weeks.

Leafy vegetables and blooms should be placed in sink or tub of cold water and then agitated slightly before removing from the water leaving the dirt at the bottom of the sink or tub. Do not drain the water before removal or the dirt will settle back onto the vegetables. Place in a colander and gently shake to drain. Store in the crisper or vegetable drawer of your refrigerator for 1-2 weeks in bowl or container covered with a damp paper towel.

INGREDIENTS: Mixed Potatoes, Young Mixed Carrot, Young Mixed Beets, Celery Root, Mixed Fall Radish

Every vegetable box from The Chef's Garden and Omaha Steaks is hand selected for absolute freshness. To ensure quality, some item substitutions may be made.


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Fresh Vegetables: Roasting Box

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