Duroc Boneless Country Ham

2.5 to 5 lbs.   #3028XE
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Duroc Boneless Country Ham



Duroc Ham comes from a heritage breed of pork that's coveted for its juiciness and rich flavor. By slow-smoking each whole-muscle Duroc ham up to eight hours, our master butchers ensure you experience uniquely rich, savory country-ham flavor in every bite. And now, you can get these perfectly cured, fully cooked (it's thaw & serve easy!) delicacies delivered right to your door.
  • Famous for superior tenderness and rich pork flavor
  • Natural juiciness and dense marbling
  • Cured to perfection with water, salt, and sugar
  • Real hickory smoked up to 8 hours
  • Fully cooked whole-muscle ham - just thaw and serve!


Delight your holiday guests by adding our super-juicy Duroc Boneless Country Ham to your menu this year. Or keep this outrageously tasty ham on hand for an unbelievable everyday entree. Either way, you're winning. Our meat-obsessed butchers put their all into making our Duroc Ham pure savory perfection. It starts with genuine Duroc pork. This premium pork variety is coveted for its high percentage of marbling, which gives it superior tenderness and natural juiciness.

Proper curing is the secret to transforming great pork into great ham. Our butchers expertly cured every ounce of Duroc pork with a timeless combination of water, salt, and sugar. Through this process, they amplify the pork's naturally rich flavor. After curing, we slow smoke each and every Duroc Ham up to 8 hours with real hickory wood smoke. This elaborate method results in the perfect balance of savory, juicy flavor (with just a hint of smoky depth) and delectable, tender texture. But we didn't stop with smoking… Plus, our Duroc Boneless Country Ham arrives fully cooked, so you barely have to lift a finger in order to indulge in its wealth of savory goodness. All you have to do is thaw your ham in the refrigerator and it's ready to slice and enjoy. Of course, if you prefer your ham heated, it only takes minutes in the oven to reach the ideal temp. Don't wait until then next big holiday feast to treat your family to this incredible ham - order today!



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Nutrition & Info


Protein Pork
Meal Course Entrees
Meal Time Brunch, Dinner
Preparation Ready to Cook


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4.5 average

Jun. 09, 2020
"When I purchased this was within my price range. Now they don't have this."

May. 30, 2020
"We absolutely, loved the ham. It was all meat, and delicious.!"

May. 20, 2020
"This item would be better if it were spiral sliced."

May. 14, 2020
"Such a wonderful ham, we have enjoyed this product more than any other ham we have eaten in the past 30 years! It is sweet and fine textured. There is very little fat cap, but this is one ham style that is ready to eat without reheating. Keeps a very long time under refrigeration. Recommend it be served in very thin (shaved) slices. Store wrapped in parchment paper and a storage bag to retain moisture."

Apr. 29, 2020
"The best."
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