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Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeye + Seasoning

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  • 4 (5 oz.) Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeyes
  • 1 (0.33 oz.) Signature Seasoning Packet
Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeyes
Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeyes - 4 (5 oz.) steaks
Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeyes - 4 (5 oz.) steaks
Signature Seasoning Packet - .33 oz. packet



An incredible twist on a steakhouse favorite... at home! The Omaha-Cut Ribeye: thick, tall, and tender like Filet Mignon, with all the rich, buttery ribeye flavor you love, and it's wrapped in strips of smoky, sugar-cured bacon. Only America's Original Butcher - with our 100+ years of homegrown know-how - could bring you a steak this good.

What's Included

Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeyes
Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeyes
4 (5 oz.) steaks
  • EXCLUSIVE: Only available at Omaha Steaks!
  • Rich, buttery ribeye flavor with tender, meaty texture
  • Thick, hand-carved, and carefully trimmed - a truly unique ribeye
  • Aged at least 21 days for maximum tenderness
  • Wrapped with a strip of sugar-cured pork bacon
Signature Seasoning Packet
Signature Seasoning Packet
.33 oz. packet


Our butchers start with thicker-than-average Omaha Steaks ribeyes. They carefully trim each one, leaving only the meaty, tender center at the heart of each. They then pair them with our best bacon strips (using small metal skewers - take them out after cooking). What you get is a robust, richly marbled ribeye that is tall and thick - a distinct steak-shape you normally find only in Filet Mignon. This is the signature Omaha-Cut Ribeye wrapped with mouthwatering bacon.

These extremely juicy, bacon-wrapped ribeyes cook up perfectly every time thanks to their thicker size, which allows for a more uniform distribution of heat. Your days of overcooking ribeyes are over! The Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeye is ideal for everyday chefs. And because it boasts a leaner trim and is deliberately portioned, this steak is just the right size for a single meal sure to satisfy any steak (or bacon) lover. Best of all, every exclusive Bacon-Wrapped Omaha-Cut Ribeye is aged at least 21 days until it reaches maximum tenderness. And each one (just like all Omaha Steaks) receives the utmost care, from the start to the moment it's precisely flash-frozen to ensure perfect delivery. You will be thrilled with this one-of-a-kind steak. 100% Guaranteed. Experience it today for a special low price - order now!

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