Omaha Steaks, America’s Original Butcher, today unveiled  the Omaha-Cut Ribeye, an exclusive new steak cut, a first for the company since 1917.

This innovative new steak delivers all the flavor expected in a ribeye, and is carefully handcrafted using generations of experience to deliver the ultimate ribeye experience straight to your door. Each Omaha-Cut Ribeye is:

  • Thick Cut- Omaha Steaks butchers cut each Omaha-Cut Ribeye extra thick, only from the heart of the best 21-day-aged ribeyes.

  • Triple-Trimmed- Everything but the very center of the best ribeyes is carefully carved away- zero imperfections, zero exterior fat.

  • Perfectly Sized- it’s just the right size for even cooking and great meals.

“The Omaha-Cut Ribeye is our first brand-new steak since 1917, and it’s truly unlike any ribeye that has come before it,” said Senior Vice President and Family Owner Todd Simon. “Our master butchers took their more than 100 years of steak experience and went to work, which resulted in this custom-cut steak that’s guaranteed to be flavorful, juicy and easy to cook.”

Omaha Steaks has a 101-year-old reputation for providing the finest beef and gourmet foods backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and this ribeye is no exception.

The Omaha-Cut Ribeye will be available exclusively through Omaha Steaks who will market the steak direct to consumers online through their website or by calling 1-800-228-9055. The new steak will also be available at their 60+ retail locations nationwide beginning in February. For more information about the new Omaha-Cut Ribeye, visit

About Omaha Steaks®

Omaha Steaks®, America’ Original Butcher, founded in 1917, is an Omaha, Nebraska-based, fifth-generation, family-owned company that markets and distributes a wide variety of the finest quality USDA-approved, grain-fed beef and other gourmet foods including seafood, pork, poultry, slow cooker and skillet meals, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. Today, Omaha Steaks® is recognized as the nation’s largest direct response marketer of premium beef and gourmet foods, available to customers by calling 1-800-228-9055, online at or at retail stores nationwide.