Indulge in King Cut Steaks
Grab one of these EPIC steaks now for a holiday gift or special occasion you never want to forget. An Omaha Steaks King Cut steak is great sear-roasted inside or outside, or as unique barbeque in your smoker. Curated and hand-carved with over 100 years of steak experience, we guarantee every bite to be fit for royalty. Order with confidence today!
The King's Court
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  • The ultimate luxury steak gift experience
  • All 4 of Omaha Steaks EPIC King Cut cut steaks
  • Steaks sized up to FOUR POUNDS
  • NY Strip, Top Sirloin, Bone-In Ribeye, and T-Bone
  • Custom black-and-gold luxury gift experience
  • Includes preparation and cooking instructions

Omaha Steaks King Cut Steaks

KING CUT: 48 oz. Ribeye on the Bone
  • Massive size (over 3 pounds!)
  • Aged at least 21 days to maximize tenderness
  • Hand-carved from the beef rib
  • Excellent marbling for a deep, rich ribeye flavor
  • Bone-in cut adds another layer of flavor
KING CUT: 48 oz. T-Bone Steak
  • Massive size (3 pounds)
  • Aged at least 21 days to maximize tenderness
  • Hand-carved by master butchers
  • Two amazing steaks in one incredible cut
  • The bone adds another layer of flavor
Our Beef is Better
KING CUT steaks aren't ordinary beef... they're expertly carved from Omaha Steaks beef. That means that every amazing ounce has been selected for superior flavor, carefully aged for maximum tenderness, cut by hand by a true beef expert, and flash frozen to preserve its quality perfectly. There's no other beef like it in the world, and there's no better way to enjoy Omaha Steaks beef than in an EPIC KING CUT steak.
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