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Now everything you need to serve the perfect Omaha Steak every time is included in one, easy to use app you can load on your iPad, and/or iPhone. From exclusive recipes by our own Chef Karl Marsh to an innovative grilling timer that allows you to cook the perfect steak for everyone, every time! Steak Time is the ultimate grilling guide from the ultimate authority on steaks - Omaha Steaks.

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Features of Steak Time
Grilling Timer - Five guests - rare, medium & well-done requests - Filet Mignons, T-Bones & Ribeyes... how to make this all work?! Now it's easy. Simply enter your guest's name and requests and let the app do the work. It will tell you exactly how long to cook each steak, when to add each one to the grill and when to turn each one. Voila, they're all done perfectly at the same time.

Steak 101 - loads of information and "how to" videos

Exclusive Recipes - delicious steak recipes by category, complete with easy to create grocery lists

Conversation Cards - interesting conversation starters that will liven up your dinner discussions

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