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Dinner, Solved!

Omaha Steaks Dinner, SOLVED! Meal Plans simplify dinnertime decision-making. Each month, choose your plan and take home a curated selection of meals, so you'll always have quick and easy dinner solutions at the ready.
On the Menu | June
This month you'll make an unforgettable steak dinner on the grill with Flat Iron Steaks, a uniquely flavorful and tender steak that's guaranteed to turn out great, with all the traditional fixings. Plus, you'll enjoy a BBQ dinner with our Signature Burgers and Mexican Street Corn Casserole, a new twist on a classic summer meal in real cheddar mac & cheese loaded with premium smoky beef brisket and pork burnt ends, and a quick-and-easy gourmet orange chicken skillet meal. Get all four meals now and enjoy 15% OFF!
Flat Iron Steak Dinner
Meal for 4
  • Flat Iron Steaks � 4 (7 oz.) | serves 4
  • Creamed Spinach � 2 (11 oz. packages) | serves 4
  • Scalloped Potatoes -2 (11 oz. packages) | serves 4
Signature Burger Meal
Meal for 4
  • Signature Burgers - 4 (5.3 oz.) | serves 4
  • Mexican Street Corn � 1(18 oz. pkg.) | serves 4
Skillet Meal: Orange Chicken
24 oz. | serves 2-3
Slow Cooker Meal: BBQ Man & Cheese
51 oz. | serves 4
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Buy 3 Meals
Save an Extra 10%
  • 1 (24 oz.) Skillet Meal: Tempura Orange Chicken
  • 1 (51 oz.) Slow Cooker Meal: BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese
  • Flat Iron Steak Dinner
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Buy 2 Meals
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  • 1 (24 oz.) Skillet Meal: Tempura Orange Chicken
  • Flat Iron Steak Dinner
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Why Dinner, SOLVED! is Better
Ultimate Flexibility
and Convenience
Omaha Steaks Dinner, SOLVED! gives you up to 4 gourmet meals at once. Unlike other meal delivery services, you choose when the time is right to prepare them, and you'll never have to discard ingredients that have gone bad. Frozen means easy!
Meals from Dinner, SOLVED! are designed to be easy. That means you won't waste valuable time chopping, measuring, or cleaning up a prep space. Dinnertime should be about the meal, not the work.
Subscription services restrict your decision making and demand your time. With Dinner, SOLVED! you choose when and how you get your meals each month. No bothersome week-to-week coordination or back and forth.
New Meals
Every Month
Delicious AND diverse. Each month Dinner, SOLVED! brings you new meals that feature Omaha Steaks classics, as well as our latest creations. Shop each month to keep your menu fresh!
What People Are Saying
"EVERYTHING!! The quality of the product, ordering experience, and representatives are beyond just quality; they encompass excellence!"
Mitzy C., Ohio
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