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Thanksgiving Meals & Traditions Your Family Will Love

New Thanksgiving Traditions

The Thanksgiving Tablecloth - Buy a new, white tablecloth that will amply fit your dining room table. Then, purchase several fine-tip permanent markers. Now you're ready to go. Get everything ready for the Thanksgiving table, but don't set it yet. As your guests arrive, have them grab a marker and write what they were thankful for this past year on the tablecloth. Make sure they sign and date each entry, so that you can have fun reading them during your Thanksgiving meals in the years to come. Now set the table for your holiday meal! (Note: Be sure to have something under your tablecloth, so the permanent markers don't bleed through onto your table!)

Plucky Pilgrims - Research on the first Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims, then give a short recap of what you learned before you say grace. In today's "hurry up" world we sometimes forget where our traditions come from, so this can be a nice reminder of what we are celebrating during our holiday meals.

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes Past - Create your own Thanksgiving tradition by digging into your family's past. Find recipes from your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother or a great, great aunt and cook up a few through out the year. Then pick the two or three that you think are worthy of being part of your Thanksgiving tradition from this day forward. Introduce them at your next Thanksgiving dinner and tell your guests about where they came from. When you're done with your holiday meal, pass out copies of the recipes to the relatives in attendance so they can share these family recipes with their families.

Make Thanksgiving Meals Easy with the Turkey and Trimmings Dinner

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