The Grand Pack
20 total items   #57569XE
  • 2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons
  • 2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins
  • 4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops
  • 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
  • 4 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks
  • 4 (2.88 oz.) Potatoes au Gratin
Get ready for some grand celebrations with this generous combo. You'll feast on our legendary Filet Mignons and bold Top Sirloins. But the feasting doesn't end there! Savor meaty Boneless Pork Chops and when you're ready for a cookout, football party or just a little family get together, pull out the flavorful, juicy Omaha Steaks Burgers and our Gourmet Jumbo Franks. Finish any of these celebrations with our gourmet Stuffed Baked Potatoes for rave reviews.