Beef Bourguignon
The only difficult part about this French family favorite is saying the name. Also known as Beef Burgundy, it's a flavorful savory dish that's been difficult to make for centuries. Now, there's no mess, no stress, and no shopping or chopping multiple ingredients. It's all included - just add it to your slow cooker before you leave for the day and it's ready when you get home. The best ingredients from Omaha Steaks make your slow cooker speak French... steak tips will braise for hours in a sauce with Burgundy wine and flavorful beef broth and just a hint of smoky bacon. Rounding out this deeply rich stew are big chunks of colorful vegetables including roasted skin-on red potatoes, baby carrots, roasted marinated mushrooms, and pearl onions. Each package feeds a family of four - even the kids will love it!